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Welcoming National Customer Day 2020 XL Axiata Launches XL Center Online Service

This year it is unfortunate that we had to welcome National Customer Day (Hari Pelanggan Nasional) in the midst of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which has brought many concerns to many. However, all of us here at  XL Axiata are still enthusiastic and excited to be able to improve the level of service quality for customers. However, all of us here at  XL Axiata are still enthusiastic and excited to be able to improve the level of service quality for customers. As a telecommunication and data service operator serving more than 55 million customers, it is clear that service quality for our customers is a priority in our business. To the extent that we are able to provide services in accordance with customer expectations, that greatly affects the company's success in business.


The existence of this pandemic is a challenge in itself for us to be able to create creative and innovative solutions, which are also in line with health protocols for the safety of our customers and officers. Since the beginning of the pandemic period, we have made a number of breakthroughs in order to provide maximum service to customers. For example, the implementation of queuing procedures at XL Center by using SMS to queue. Also, the implementation of the XL Center online service for a number of purposes, such as re-activating a burned-out card that is no longer valid or changing the card through our official website


In addition, this year we specially mark and honor National Customer Day by participating in supporting Long Distance Learning (PJJ) activities. The support provided is in the form of an education quota package of a total of 10,000 GB for school communities. There are quite a number of students within the scope of XL Axiata's customers base, along with university students, lecturers, and teachers. When are in serious need of support to be able to continue to follow long distance learning (PJJ) protocols and procedures, in order for educational activities to continue, we are also taking advantage of the momentum of National Customer Day to participate in providing real support for our customers.


In conclusion, National Customer Day always reminds us to continue to improve the quality of service for customers, and we are determined to do so.



David Arcelus Oses

  • Sustainability & CSR