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Bersama Membangun Negeri (BERBAGI)
Our Commitment

XL Axiata as an institution engaged in the telecommunications sector together with its employees is committed to continuing to contribute to social responsibility in the form of social activities that can benefit the Indonesian people, armed with their capabilities, especially in technology, Internet of Things, Digital Literacy and others.

Our Goals

XL Axiata together with its employees will remain committed to continuing to contribute in terms of social responsibility to the Indonesian people in order to achieve an increase in the quality of education in Indonesia. In addition, we also support the Government in solving social problems that occur in the community through raising donations from employees, Digital Literacy education to the public to support the smooth improvement of education and especially the smoothness of the Distance Learning process during this Covid19 Pandemic.

Our Contributions

XL Axiata together with its employees, through the Employee Sharing Program, have carried out several social responsibility activities by providing Digital Literacy to Students from Sabang (Aceh) to Nusa Tenggara. And will continue to other parts of Indonesia, in line with developments. XL Axiata network. The Employee Sharing Program is not only limited to Digital Literacy education, but also includes donation-raising activities from all XL Axiata employees to assist the Government in solving social problems in the community.

Smartphone Donation for Online Study

PPE Donation for Covid19 Medical Workers

Covid19 Donation to BNPB 10 Billion IDR


- Sentra Vaksinasi Indonesia Bangkit (SVIB) - Depok

Sentra Vaksinasi Indonesia Bangkit (SVIB) - Medan

Ramadan Food Donation for Islamic Boarding Schools

Our Recognition
TOP 20 Indonesia Corporate Pandemic Heroes - Award by SWA Magazine 2021. Awarded to company that significantly contributed to handle Covid-19 Situation.
Acknowledgement by Ministry of Health 2021. In appreciation for supporting Covid19 Vaccination thru Sentra Vaksinasi Indonesia Bangkit (SVIB).
Partners Collaboration

XL Axiata and all employees certainly cannot contribute to social responsibility alone. On the other hand, the support of Donation Partners, Educational Institutions, Government Ministries and Social Communities also plays an important role in the successful achievement of XL Axiata and all employees.