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Whistleblowing System

Speak Up Guideline

Speak Up Channels

If you aware of actual or suspected misconduct, illegal or unethical behaviour, or you have a concern, you can use The Speak Up Channel to raise a concern. The Speak Up Channel can be used by employees, suppliers, business partners, contractors, customers and other stakeholders.

Reporting Channel

  • The Speak Up channel can be accessed through the website,  which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • In addition to the Speak Up channel, reports can also be submitted via email to: [email protected] or through phone / WhatsApp at +6281937701234 and +6281933394567.

Concerns to be Reported

Concerns that you have related to the following areas:

  • Accounting, internal controls, auditing or IT
  • Anti-competition
  • Breach of companby policy or country laws
  • Bribery & corruption
  • Data confidentiality or privacy
  • Conflict of interest
  • Fraud & breach of trust
  • Gifts, entertainment & hospitality
  • Harassment & sexual misconduct
  • Health, Safety, Security & Environment
  • Malpractice
  • Abuse of Power/Authority
  • Money Laundering
  • Social media or business communications
  • Substance abuse
  • Theft or misuse of assets
  • Workplace & people
  • Retaliation from Speaking Up


Retaliation Protection for Reporters

Please feel confident that you will not suffer for raising concerns in good faith, and we do not tolerate any form of retaliation against you for Speaking Up.

Processing of Reported Concern

Once the reported concern is received, it will be routed to PT XL Axiata Tbk’s Group Head of Internal Audit and Investigation Unit, who will review the reported concern and determine further actions. If the reported concern warrants an investigation, it will be conducted by an investigator either from PT XL Axiata Tbk, Axiata, or externally appointed.

Feedback and Status Update of Reported Concern

Please check back on the Speak Up channel using the Case Number and Password for follow up questions or getting status update from the Investigation Team. Please note that in the event the Investigation Team had contacted you but did not receive further evidence/information from you within 14 days, and there is no other way to independently corroborate the concern you raised, the Investigation Team may be forced to close the reported concern on the basis that investigation cannot be conducted.