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Nurturing People

Not only driving Indonesia toward the digital era through digital infrastructure development, XL Axiata is also committed to improving human capital in this period. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of lawful and ethical conduct, by demonstrating honesty, fairness and accountability in all our dealings, always doing the right thing and fulfilling promises made to earn the trust of our stakeholders. In this pursuit of excellence, we promote a culture of innovation and collaboration that seeks not only to heighten the Company's advancement, but also to manifest the satisfaction of every employee, consumers, and society.

Empowering Women
Women are highly productive economic drivers in many sectors. Through our Sisternet program, XL Axiata is striving to empower and increase the capacity of women, especially MSME activists, to become agents of change wherever they are. Since its launch in 2015, Sisternet, a networking and digitisation program, has gathered more than 43,000 members. Sisternet is collaborating with women’s communities and organisations, social activists, the Ministry of PPPA, the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Villages, the Ministry of Development of Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration, and the Ministry of Health.
Exemplary Talent Development and Management
In today's digital world, we are talking not only about equipment, programs, and servers, but also on the people behind the scenes who build the platforms. XL Axiata invests in recruiting, training, and retaining the best talent available, to further build and expand a Company that is constantly on the cutting edge of the latest technological developments. In the management of Human Capital, XL Axiata implements an employee value proposition (EVP) system which is a means to create employer branding and to attract and retain the best talents. Our commitment to building an excellent team within XL Axiata also manifested through our "talent management" system. Talent management is a structured system for identifying, developing, motivating, placing, and retaining the best talent in the Company.
Upholding Labour Rights
XL Axiata promote the personal and professional growth of our employees by providing excellent primary and secondary benefits and development opportunities. This creates an environment where our people not only do well but can also do good. XL Axiata has a remuneration system based on the 3P principle, namely position, person, performance. Attractive salaries and facilities are given objectively, according to the employee’s performance and competence regardless of gender. In addition to the basic salary, we offer a variety of attractive perks and benefits, such as long-term incentive, Let’s Learn Program (LLP), and various other individual development programs. To build a conducive relationship and increase employee engagement, we hold various activities involving management and XL Axiata employees from year to year, such as XL Club, Mudik Karyawan, Safari Ramadhan, Leadership lounge, E-Townhall, and CEO Talk
Solving Digital Skill Gap
As a telecommunication and internet service provider, XL Axiata acknowledges its role in expanding people's prosperity through the digital world. XL Axiata provides several programs to improve digital knowledge and adoption across multiple communities. We introduce our Sisternet Application to enable women across nation to empower their selves with training, seminars, and incubation related to SME's, through digital platforms. We also launched Laut Nusantara Application to help fisherman locating the exact location of fish, with the touch of digital adoption in every socialization. For students across levels, we created Gerakan Donasi Kuota (GDK), where we provided free internet quota for students along with internet router for the schools. While for college students, XL Axiata its regular XL Future Leader program, 2 years training program related to digital adoption, technology, and soft skill training.