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Our Commitment
Supporting Indonesian women to grow and improve their lives through the use of the internet and technology towards industry 4.0.
Our Goals
Sisternet aims to improve the soft-skills of Indonesian women MSMEs through free education classes with a target of digitizing approximately 1 Million Indonesian female MSMEs by 2025 to #JadiLebihBaik (Be Better)
Programs & Contributions
Women together to inspire each other - share knowledge - and learn how the internet and technology can help their businesses grow.

Digital literacy classes in webinars that can be attended for free through the Online application.

One-stop solution for women in MSMEs by providing various articles and educational classes for free - which can be downloaded via Google Playstore & Apple App Store.

Digital literacy classes that are held face-to-face in rural areas across Indonesia.

Comprehensive business management mentoring class for Indonesian Women in MSMEs.

Audio & video educational content presenting expertise in various respective fields.

Digital literacy corner with free internet access & content available for the women's community.

Our Recognition
Best Practices for Women Empowerment Program - G20 EMPOWER Saudi Arabia Presidency 2020
UN Women Indonesia WEPs Award 2020 – Honourable Mention for “Community and Industry Engagement”
Best Practices for Women Empowerment Program - APEC Best Award Russian Presidency 2020
Best Practices for Women Empowerment Program - G20 EMPOWER Italian Presidency 2021
Partners Collaboration