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XL Axiata Future Leaders
Our Commitment

Providing learning opportunities for Indonesian youth to develop their leadership skills through soft skills learning. This scholarship program for students runs for two years with a curriculum specifically designed to meet the needs of young Indonesian leaders in facing global competition and is facilitated by professional facilitators using face-to-face and distance learning methods.

Our Goals

To develop the potential of Indonesia's young generation and prepare them to become future leaders who are not only smart and able to compete at the global level but also have skills and character.

Programs & Contributions
Global Thinking
An integrated training program for students who are at level 1-2 at the time of registration, focused on 3 competency areas. Selected participants will attend online workshops and other learning materials for two full years. The three areas of competence are: More Effective Communication, Sharpening the Entrepreneurship and Innovative Spirit, and Being Able to Manage Change.
An online learning platform that contains course materials on soft skills and leadership that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, and anywhere for free.
Our Recognition


XL Axiata Future Leaders (XLFL) has received various awards and recognition throughout its existence since 2012. PT XL Axiata, Tbk designed XLFL as our flagship CSR initiative to promote quality education for the future generation across Indonesia. The recognition we got confirms our position as leading youth development program in the region and we will continue to expand our impact to larger society – not only to our existing students but also those who aspire to become future leaders.

Top Leader on CSR Commitment - 2018
Top CSR Commitment - 2018, Sektor Telekomunikasi
The Best CSR Program at Indonesia CSR Award 2017 presented by Economic Review Institute, 2017
Excellence in Provision of Literacy Education Category at the 9th Annual Global CSR Summit Award 2017, Langkawi, Malaysia
The Best Youth Development Program in Indonesia Selular Award 2017, Jakarta
Excellence in Provision of Literacy Education Category at the 8th Annual Global CSR Summit Award 2016, Bali
The Best CSR Program at Perhumas Excellence Awards, Bandung, 2016
Asia Corporate, Excellence Sustainability Awards, Singapore, 2014
Best CSR at Indonesia Golden Ring Awards, Jakarta, 2013
Partners Collaboration