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Sustainability Statement from Our President Director
From year to year, we maintain sustainability programs and activities that are aligned under the Four Pillars of Sustainability namely Process Excellence, Planet & Environment, Professionalism & Profits, and People & Community Development. We are trying to do the best for this program and that is mobile technology. With the theme of all our programs, some of which are supported by technology as the main thing. We aim to "Develop Indonesia through Technology Democratization".
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Statement of Support to SDG’s
We will always support #GlobalGoals and we believe that mobile networks have an important role to play in this journey. We ensure that connectivity is the key to helping realize 17 targets by 2030. Together we will lead to a better future.
The 4 P’s of Sustainability
Inspired by our commitment to SDG’s, XL Axiata initiate sustainability act guided by our 4 P’s of Sustainability: Driving Company’s Purposes, Nurturing People, Process Excellence, and Planet & Society. Our 4P’s of Sustainability act as guiding principles in delivering values and establish a better society.