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Building Prosperity

The digital world is no longer the world of the future; rather, it has become a normal part of people's everyday lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With limited mobility, people depend on various digital channels for various aspects of their lives, such as shopping, making transactions, studying, opening a business, or telling each other about their health. In addition, on a national scale, the digital economy has become a notable strongpoint of the economy during the pandemic. XL Axiata is taking up the opportunity to contribute to society by making all these activities much better, more efficient, and safer.

Rapid Disaster Responses
XL Axiata has taken on role, together with other components of society, in prevailing over the impact of national disaster, especially Covid19 pandemic, particularly in network provison. Into the bargain, we have helped to ease the economic burden of badly affected communities through direct assistance and donations of medical equipment. This support is manifested through several types of assistance, from telecommunication and data services, network strengthening at hospitals, up to provisioning of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Provides Service Accross Nation
One of our most imperative goals is to develop Indonesia through the democratisation of technology. Without equitable information technology and network services, the progress and welfare of the nation cannot be manifested equitably. For this reason, XL Axiata collaborates with the government through the Universal Service Obligation (USO) program to open greater digital access in remote areas. In the reporting year, we have developed a USO network in 360 points in 60 districts and 17 provinces. We believe that technological developments open opportunities for advancement in various fields, including education, economics and others.
Supporting Education
XL Axiata has taken responsibility by improving people's prosperity and advancing the nation through the digital world and providing direct assistance. Our concern for the community is manifested through a variety of real assistance programs, in addition to educational programs and backing for future generations. The commitments show through our programs, XL Axiata Future Leader (XLFL), GDK (Gerakan Donasi Kuota) and AMD (Akademi Madrasah Digital). XLFL is an intensive two-year leadership development program initiated by XL Axiata to nurture Indoesia's future generations. GDK aim is supporting schools and students across Indonesia to have internet access and broaden their horizons. On the other hand, AMD focus on providing education support specifically for Islamic Schools.
BERBAGI (Bersama Bangun Negeri)
The activity of XL BERBAGI is part of employee's voluntary initiatives programs aiming at providing opportunities for employees to contribute to society by engaging in social activities based on their interest and knowledge. Through XL BERBAGI program, XL Axiata's employees also donate in the form of items required for those who need them, such as schools, orphanages, and others. The socialization generally is sharing some experience about skills or expertise that students need in the digital era that will be useful for them now or in the future.