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Planet and Society

The rapid and inevitable progress of technology in the realm of telecommunications is having particularly beneficial outcomes for the environment. XL Axiata certainly adopts these green practices and acknowledges these environmental benefits as it plays its role in protecting the environment through expanding the telecommunications business. XL Axiata has taken responsibility by improving people's prosperity and advancing the nation through the digital world and providing direct assistance. Our strategies and programs strive to provide practical solutions for people to meet their needs. For this reason, we always undertake preliminary research/assessments, regarding the exigency and conditions of the community, before designing appropriate programs.

Environmentally Friendly Business Process
XL Axiata is proactively involved in environmental conservation endeavours through its energy saving, emissions reduction, and waste management programs. We are governing and managing energy and emissions, sorting domestic waste, and reducing the use of plastic items, such as plastic cups, plastic bottles, and plastic cutlery in offices, canteens, pantries, and meeting rooms. XL Axiata also reducing paper usage by implementing a digitisation system in various operational processes, such as procurement and approval. On our network operational, XL Axiata always considers environmental interest by expanding its 4G services using eco-friendly components and implementing energy-saving mechanisms where possible in its BTS. All products are safe and comply with regulatory standards, including the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radio Protection) rules.
Energy Preservation
XL Axiata continues to strive to save energy in all of our offices. Electrical energy saving is a program that we have integrated with the management of office facilities, for example through a video conferencing system and automatic regulation of electricity usage in meeting rooms. In addition, we arrange the use of air conditioning and electricity in the office from 06:30 to 18:30. In most BTS, we have also implemented the innovations "PLNization" and "Outdorization", which significantly reduces the use of electrical energy. In 2021, XL Axiata succeeded in reducing energy intensity by 24.3% compared to the previous year. That means, to produce the same petabyte, we use less energy.
Digital Solution for Smart Business
XL Axiata continues to strengthen the ecosystem and utilize the development potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) business solutions to meet the Industrial 4.0 era. XL Axiata developed Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions in agriculture to improve the quality of coffee beans post-harvest. The precision farming solution called "Smart Coffee Monitoring" initiates measurements and practices that are more reliable in the postharvest process by collecting data of variables that may affect the process. Other than that, XL Axiata also continued to develop IoT-based solutions that accommodate businesses from various segments. For farmers, XL Axiata developed a precision farming solution called "XL Smart Aquaculture". This solution aims to improve the quality of fish and shrimp farming. Implemented by several grouper and shrimp farmers in East Java, this solution was proven to increase average productivity level by 20%.
Social and Environment Education
XL Axiata continues to be committed to protecting and preserving the environment. One of the activities carried out is various counselling which is carried out with the imposition of the Laut Nusantara Application. In general, Laut Nusantara application is a complete with accurate fishing locations tools, and it is accessible to all fishermen. This application is a form of support towards to the policy and program direction for the maritime and fishery development of 2020-2024. Precisely in terms of strengthening human resources and innovation in marine and fisheries research, by down streaming research based on digital transformation. Along with the socialization program, the team also educate the fisherman with multiple programs, such as how to process plastic waste into oil fuel, the importance of planting the mangrove to prevent abrasion, and socialisation of environmentally friendly fishing gear.