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XL Axiata’s Social Program Achieves Public Appreciation

Jakarta, 9 May 2021. The social programs initiated by PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) received appreciation from the Indonesian people. This was marked by several awards this year, two of which were won recently, namely from the event of Anugerah Bisnis Indonesia of Social Responsibility Award (BISRA) 2021 and TOP CSR Awards 2021. In addition, from the event of Iconomics Award 2021, XL Axiata received an award for the communication program.


President Director and CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini said, “As part of Indonesian society, XL Axiata continues to strive to contribute to the government in a number of social fields that are adjusted to our expertise and fields. From there we run a number of initiatives in the form of measurable and sustainable social responsibility or CSR programs, with a focus on support for education, women, fishermen, micro and medium enterprises, as well as emergency assistance to victims of natural disasters. "


At the Bisnis Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility Award (BISRA) 2021, XL Axiata won the award for the Gold Champion category. BISRA 2021 is organized by Bisnis Indonesia together with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia. This is an event of appreciation and award to companies that have a commitment and contribution to the environment, vulnerable communities and low-income communities. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, there were more and more vulnerable people who needed attention.


Meanwhile, at the 2021 TOP CSR Awards, XL Axiata won the title of "Very Good" because they continue to be committed to support the company's business strategy, both during the Covid-19 pandemic and for sustainable business growth.


TOP CSR Awards 2021 was initiated by TOPBUSINESS Magazine and supported by the GRC Association, the Indonesian Government Professional Association (PaGI), the Nawacita Research Institute (LKN) and several CSR Consultant Institutions. This event looked at what the company's CSR system, policies and implementation were like and the alignment of CSR with the company's business strategy, with a CSR Initiative that adopted CSV (Creating Shared Value), and ISO 26000 SR.


At the same event, Dian Siswarini won the category award of Top CSR Awards 2021 and TOP Leader on CSR Commitment 2021. This category award is given to the highest leadership in a company who is considered to have a high commitment in supporting the completeness of the system, governance, and successful CSR implementation in the company.


Finally, at the Iconomics Award 2021, XL Axiata won an award as "2nd Indonesia Corporate Branding PR Awards 2021". This appreciation is given to the best institutions in building corporate branding for their institutions. The selection of the winners is made after going through a research process. In this research, the foundation of organizational reputation is measured, namely commercial, organizational, and social.


The research technique through a quantitative online survey was conducted with a total of more than 10 thousand respondents. This online survey targets respondents from 10 major cities in Indonesia. The time for the survey was conducted from February to March 2021.

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