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Helping Communities Affected by the Pandemic XL Axiata - IZI Donated 1000 Chickens in Lamongan

Lamongan, March 11th 2021.  PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through Majlis Ta'lim of employees (MTXL) once again distributed aid to communities in East Java in the "Kampung Bina Ternak Ayam Petelur" program. In this social activity in collaboration with the Indonesian Zakat Initiative Foundation (IZI), 1,000 chickens were distributed, complete with cages for the people of Jimus Hamlet, Pule Village, Modo District, Lamongan Regency, East Java. The handover of this assistance was carried out by the Head of Majlis Ta'lim of XL Axiata (MTXL), Nashrul Hendarsyah, in Lamongan, Sunday (7/3). 

Group Head of XL Axiata East Region, Bambang Parikesit said, "This assistance program from XL Axiata and IZI is one of the solutions we are working on to help people affected by Covid-19 pandemic. We adjusted the assistance in the form of chickens to the conditions of the people in Jimus Hamlet, many of whom are chicken breeders. Therefore, we hope that this assistance can really be utilised as much as possible, so that it becomes a blessing for the community."

According to Bambang, the total funds used for this program are more than Rp. 180 million, derived from zakat funds from employees and management through Majelis Taklim of XL. The coop building built on a land of 30x10 metres with an area of 12x9 metres can accommodate about 1000 laying hens. This program will be managed jointly by the community in Jimus hamlet with assistance in the field of chicken farming and chicken business development from the Indonesian Zakat Initiative (IZI) team for the next two years.

The Head of RT 3 Jimus Hamlet, Wajib, said that the residents experienced problems in developing products from chicken and duck livestock, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic emerged. "We are very grateful for the assistance from XL Axiata and IZI, at a time when residents really need support to get back up after being affected by economic difficulties due to Corona. God willing, we will use this assistance as much as possible, because chicken farming has become a daily life for residents," continued Wajib.

In early 2021, XL Axiata together with MTXL have also carried out productive assistance programs, namely Lapak Berkah in Jabodetabek area aimed at residents affected by layoffs during the current pandemic. This Lapak Berkah program has been utilised by around 14 heads of families spread across Jakarta, Depok and Bogor.

Helped Flood Victims in Probolinggo
XL Axiata also distributed aid for flood victims in Dringu District, Probolinggo Regency, East Java Province, Wednesday, 10 March 2021. The assistance provided was in the form of foodstuffs, rice, instant noodles, and mineral water. The delivery of aid to victims at the flood location was handed over directly by XL Axiata team at the Flood Command Post at Dringu District Office. The flood in Probolinggo is a recurring event for the sixth time since early February 2021. This flood has hit at least three villages in Dringu District, Probolinggo Regency.

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