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XL Axiata Celebrates The 24th Anniversary Innovating Services For More Advanced Indonesia
Inviting the public to donate smartphones and funds for people affected by Covid-19.

Jakarta, October 8th, 2020. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) strengthens its commitment to always support national development through the telematics sector. Turning 24, XL Axiata is fully aware of the urgency of the telematics sector that it is doing as one of the main pillars of accelerating national development. President Director & CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini, emphasized that XL Axiata will always try to align business interests with support for the government’s vision of development.


President Director & CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini said, “For 24 years, XL Axiata has been active in the Indonesian Telecommunications Industry, during that time we have tried our best to support government programs related to the telematics sector. We are openly aware that the existence of network infrastructure and telecommunication services, internet, and digital data will be increasingly important to sustain development in all fields. We will continue to support the government through the development of a wider infrastructure network to remote areas, the implementation of the best and latest technology, and the birth of innovative service products that will boost the productivity of the Indonesian people.”


Dian continues, when the pandemic is currently outbreak, the public increasingly feels the urgency of the existence of internet networks and digital service products to support almost all life activities when health factors force them to stay at home and avoid crowds. She emphasizes from the evaluation of service quality during the pandemic period, XL Axiata’s management has taken various efforts to maximize service quality to meet customer expectations. In addition, a number of innovative new products tailored to the latest needs have been offered to customers.


According to Dian, to be able to provide services according to the needs of customers in various segments, XL Axiata continues to increase the use of data analytics to be more precise in seeing customer expectations. If every customer can get the service they really need, then the benefits of each XL Axiata service will also be maximized for them. XL Axiata also proceeds to encourage the use of an


infrastructure network that continues to be built to remote areas by creating a variety of services that can boost the productivity of the community in each area. One of them is through the Internet of Thing (IoT) service, which can facilitate large businesses to small and micro levels to be more advanced.


With the development of these innovative services, XL Axiata also continues to build data networks in all regions of Indonesia to improve connection quality and expand coverage. By the end of the first semester of 2020, XL Axiata’s data network had reached more than 93% of the population. A total of 139 thousand BTS units, including more than 49 thousand BTS 4G units, support XL Axiata’s network in 456 cities/regencies in almost all provinces in Indonesia. In addition, XL Axiata’s fiber-optic backbone stretches for thousands of kilometers, connecting all networks spread across most of the archipelago.


VoLTE Services in 13 cities


One of the new innovative services that XL Axiata has begun to implement is Voice over LTE (VoLTE). First introduced in August 2020 and then in the cities of Jakarta and Medan, XL Axiata continues to expand the coverage of VoLTE services and is now available in 13 cities, namely Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, North Jakarta, East Jakarta, Tangerang, South Tangerang City, Medan, Jogja, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, and Sidoarjo.


VoLTE or Voice Over LTE is a voice or telephone service over the LTE (Long Term Evolution) data network. With VoLTE, voice services improved greatly, with crystal clear sound. Apart from that, the connection speed does not take long. Therefore, XL Axiata is optimistic that VoLTE service will be a feature of the voice service of choice for customers.


In this early stage, VoLTE service is supported by several thousand XL Axiata 4G BTS spread in cities that have been reached by this service. Currently, XL Axiata is preparing network infrastructure in other cities to support VoLTE services at a later stage. In order for customers to enjoy excellent voice service quality, XL Axiata needs to perform a thorough network optimization for it to be truly ready for VoLTE service. In the future, all 4G/LTE BTS are prepared to support VoLTE services.


VoLTE services can be enjoyed by XL Axiata customers with smartphones that already support VoLTE services at the same rate as the current tariff for voice services. This is to make it easier for customers to use VoLTE services. VoLTE service does not reduce the data quota of XL Axiata customers when using it for telephone conversations, unlike the use of telephone conversations using third-party applications.


In addition, XL Axiata has also collaborated with several smartphone manufacturers to ensure the availability of smartphones with VoLTE services such as Huawei and Xiaomi and following Samsung, Vivo, Advan, and Evercoss which are currently in the testing phase. The number of smartphones that are supported by XL Axiata’s VoLTE service will soon continue to grow to make it easier for customers to get higher quality conversation services while still enjoying a smooth data connection. Customers with smartphones that support VoLTE and are in the VoLTE XL Axiata service area will automatically receive a notification from XL Axiata to immediately activate their VoLTE service.


The myXL app development


Another innovation that XL Axiata introduced along with XL Axiata’s 24th-anniversary celebration is the development of the myXL application. This application makes it easy for prepaid XL and XL Go IZI customers to get XL Axiata services, all in terms of customer product information, XL Axiata product purchase transactions, and information related to campaigns and other product promos, served to customers personally according to their various needs.


With the myXL application developed, it is hoped that customer experience greatly improves so that it impacts an increase in XL Axiata customer satisfaction with XL Axiata products and services. In addition, what distinguishes the old myXL application from the new one is that the new myXL application can be accessed faster, with a more attractive design, with more advanced personalization features than the old myXL. Through the new myXL application, customers can also obtain conveniences in one application and the best prices every day, as well as myXL points which can be exchanged for attractive offers. Especially for the introduction of the myXL application, customers can easily access the Xtra Unlimited Turbo Plus FREE every day. The special application that can be taken FREE at this time is YouTube. Customers only need to have the myXL App to unlock and access the Unlimited Youtube pack inside. It is hoped that the new myXL application will be able to increase customer interest in using it so that in the end it can also increase customer interaction and retention.


The myXL application will continue to be developed to provide more benefits for customers through various application bonuses, integrated customer support services and loyalty programs. Currently, XL customers who use Android smartphones can download this application in the Playstore, while iOS users can download it on the App store in November.



Smartphone donations suitable for students and cash funds for Covid-19 Affected Communities


Completing the series of Birthday activities, XL Axiata together with employees invited partners, customers, and the general public to carry out social activities in the form of smartphone donations and fundraising from 8 to the end of October. The purpose of this activity is to help underprivileged students in remote areas who have been having difficulties having a smartphone as a means of participating in long-distance learning (PJJ). This donation distribution is targeted at students in remote areas in Nusa Tenggara, Sumatra, and Kalimantan.


This new and used smartphone collection program is open to employees, customers, and the wider community. These used smartphones are suitable for use in XL Centers throughout Indonesia. The management of XL Axiata will provide 1 new smartphone for every smartphone that has been collected. Thus, the number of smartphones that can be donated will multiply, which means that more students will be helped. Every student who receives smartphone donations will also get a starter pack complete with XL Axiata data packages, so they can immediately use the smartphone to participate in PJJ.


The distribution of the smartphone donation will be assisted by as an XL Axiata partner. Meanwhile, the selection of students who receive donations will be assisted by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Religion for madrasa students.


Besides in the form of smartphones, XL Axiata will also provide support in the form of cash. For this reason, XL Axiata will invite the public and other business actors, especially partners and relations, to participate as donors. Participation can be made through BCA bank account number: 2050010280 a/n PT XL Axiata Tbk. As the initiator, XL Axiata allocated 2.4 billion IDR, according to the 24th birthday. This fund will be combined with the funds raised by the community and various participating parties, to later be channeled formally and transparently to the parties in need according to the applicable regulations. The plan to distribute smartphone donations and funds will be implemented around mid-November 2020. XL Axiata sees that support for the world of education is urgently needed so that tens of millions of Indonesian students can continue to receive proper education during the pandemic.

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