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XL Axiata – Sekolah Sungai Collaboration in Yogyakarta Assisted Children of Bantaran Kali To Participate In Long-Distance Learning

Yogyakarta, September 28th, 2020. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to commit in supporting the provision of internet access facilities for students who are required to participate in long-distance learning (PJJ). In Yogyakarta, the support came in the form of internet packages for 81 students and the installation of a router at the “Sekolah Sungai” established by Project Child Indonesia (PCI). Distribution was carried out in stages in three riverbank locations in the Special Region of Yogyakarta on Thursday (24/9).

Group Head Central Region XL Axiata, Rd. Sofia Purbayanti said, “Apart from students who go to formal schools, accessing data is also needed by children who have been attending informal schools. The ongoing pandemic has also prevented them from being able to attend school directly with the teachers. For example, children from low-income communities who live along the Winongo river in Yogyakarta, who have been attending Sekolah Sungai. We at XL Axiata are very happy to be with our activist friends to help access the internet for the youth.”

According to Sofia, XL Axiata provides a special internet package for elementary and junior high school students in Sekolah Sungai community to support internet access needs. This Internet package has been distributed directly to 81 students who live on each bank of the river. Each child will get 10GB per month for 3 months which can be used to access all platforms and applications on smartphones. Internet access assistance from XL Axiata is distributed to other Sekolah Sungai branches located in Jetisharjo Village, Jetis Yogyakarta District, Bener Village, Tegalrejo District, Yogyakarta, and Gowok Village, Depok Sleman District.

Not limited to that, the routers that are supplied to Sekolah Sungai can be accessed simultaneously up to 32 devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. XL Axiata also provides each router with a 20GB data package that will be filled every month for a year. To maintain and ensure that the router is used properly, XL Axiata leaves its management to the teachers who are members of the PCI. The internet access donation program to support the implementation of this PJJ will continue to expand XL Axiata to other parts of Indonesia.

Sekolah Sungai itself is one of the programs of the PCI which was born out of the desire to contribute to the non-formal education of children, especially those who live in disaster-prone areas such as riverbanks and beaches. This program wants to ensure that all children living along the river are able to understand and experience a positive and healthy learning environment.

PCI Program Manager, Anjani Tri Fatharini, said, “Sekolah Sungai is a program that we initiated in the form of mentoring elementary and junior high school students in three riverbank areas of Yogyakarta. The majority of residents who live alongside the river work as day laborers, scavengers, and freelancers. With an average population of around 500 people per village, around 7% of them are children aged 7-13 years who join the PCI Sekolah Sungai.”

Nadia adds that in the midst of this pandemic there are plenty of challenges they faced in carrying out the teaching and learning process. Sekolah Sungai establishments that are allocated across three villages will need to adapt to the use of technology in the teaching-learning process. Apart from device constraints, one of them is the availability of internet quota. The problem of data quotas is indeed a real problem faced by many students since PJJ has been implemented, making free internet assistance from XL Axiata highly required. 

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