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XL Axiata Ensures the Network is Ready for Eid

Jakarta, 1 May 2022. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) ensures that its network is ready for the long Idul Fitri holiday this year. In addition to the network capacity has been increased by 2x compared to normal days, XL Axiata has also prepared a network team, both at the Customer Experience and Service Operation Center (CESOC) monitoring center at XL Axiata Tower and in the field. They will be on guard 24 hours a day until the holiday period ends.


XL Axiata Director & Chief Technology Officer, I Gede Darmayusa, said, "We have also mobilized more than 50 mobile BTS units to strengthen the network at a number of crucial points. Given the possibility for traffic surges beyond typical days, we are focusing on network enhancement, particularly along important transportation routes and tourist destination locations, as well as in busy hubs such as terminals, stations, airports, ports, shopping complexes, and popular hangout sites. We estimate the traffic increase can reach 10-30% compared to normal days."


Gede added that the public's euphoria to be able to celebrate Eid in their hometown this year will greatly affect the increase in traffic using data and telecommunications services. Especially after two Eids, the pandemic prevented people from going home. Several new toll roads can now be passed for going home, as well as many new tourist destinations. Moreover, news in the mass media as well as information on social media about going home will further trigger people to go home or at least go on vacation.


Although Java is the main focus of network strengthening, the areas in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok are also getting the attention of XL Axiata. Moreover, land transportation routes in Sumatra are also getting better with the presence of several new toll roads that facilitate the flow of homecoming to various provinces. To ensure network readiness outside Java, XL Axiata has increased its network capacity to also cover key provinces.


XL Axiata now has over 57.9 million users and over 162 thousand BTS, including over 77 thousand 4G BTS. The 4G LTE network of XL Axiata is also expanding, with more than 458 cities/districts in various areas of Indonesia being covered. XL Axiata is also investing in fiber networks, transmission, backhaul, network modernization, and other network enhancements to increase network stability, capacity, and data service quality in response to the growing demand for telecommunications services, especially data services.


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