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XL Axiata Supports Aid to Flood Victims in Pidie Regency
XL Axiata ensures that the condition of the network in Pidie Regency, Aceh Province, which was hit by the floods, is safe, so that people can still use telecommunication services. Throughout Pidie Regency, XL Axiata services are supported by more than 125 BTS.


Pidie, 30 January 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) distributed donations to flood victims in Pidie Regency, Aceh Province. The emergency donation was in the form of packages of basic daily necessities such as rice, eggs, cooking oil, fish, bottled drinking water, instant noodles, disposable baby diapers, and others. Territory Sales Manager for XL Axiata in the Banda Aceh area, Jaka Rahmatsyah handed over the donation directly to the Secretary of Cot Teungoh Village, Muhajir who represented the local victims, in Cot Teungoh Village, Pidie Regency, Sunday (29/1).


XL Axiata West Region Group Head, Desy Sari Dewi said, "We are concerned about the flood conditions that have drown the residents' houses in Cot Teungoh Village. This donation is at the same time a manifestation of XL Axiata's concern to ease the burden on the Indonesian people, including Pidie, which is currently facing a flood that drown around 21 districts. After all, XL Axiata has long been part of the people of Aceh. We should help the people. Hopefully this assistance can be useful.”


Desy added that XL Axiata collaborated with to distribute and ensure that the donations reached the right target beneficiaries for flood victims in Pidie Regency. XL Axiata continues to spread goodness by establishing friendship with community groups from various walks of life. During the flood, XL Axiata continued to monitor the condition of the network in Pidie Aceh in a safe condition, so that people could still use telecommunication services. Throughout Pidie Regency, services to customers are supported by more than 125 BTS.


The floods have drown thousands of residents' houses and rice fields and damaged their property. At least 21 districts out of 23 total districts in Pidie Regency were drown and the number of residents affected by the floods was more than 3,696 residents.


The BPBD Operations Control Center (Pusdalops) for Pidie Regency reported that high-intensity rains caused several rivers to overflow last Friday (20/1). The rivers in question include Krueng Tiro, Krueng Paloh, Krueng Lala, Krueng Rubee and Krueng Rukoh which overflowed and submerged the residents' agricultural land.


The districts affected include the Districts of Pidie, Sakti, Kembang Tanjong, Peukan Baro, Indra Jaya, Padang Tiji, Grong-grong, Delima, East Mutiara, West Mutiara, Muara Tiga, Keumala, Titeu, Glumpang Tiga, Batee, Glumpang Baro, Simpang Tiga, Mila, Sigli Town, Tiro and Tangse.


Apart from distributing it in the form of emergency assistance to disaster-affected areas, XL Axiata also distributed it in various other social activities, such as building and renovating village bridges, power plants, house renovations, and refilling water depots. XL Axiata employees have also built the Soetiman Mosque which is located in Gampong Blang Beurandang, Johan Pahlawan District, West Aceh Regency, Aceh Province in March 2022.

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