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Serving Customer Needs during Ramadan XL Axiata Strengthens Network Quality and Offers Attractive Promos

Jakarta, 8 April 2021. Welcoming the month of Ramadan, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) launched a number of attractive promos for almost all segments, which include XL, AXIS, XL Prioritas, and XL Home products. In addition, to ensure customers can access services comfortably and according to expectations, XL Axiata also strengthened telecommunication and data networks in all service areas. Not only that, there are also social donation programs aimed at helping communities in disaster areas. This year’s Ramadan program has the theme “#BersamaJadiLebihBaik” or “Getting Better Together”, which forms the basis for XL Axiata’s management to foster and spread the spirit of optimism and togetherness in facing the challenges of daily life during the month of Ramadan, in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Also at this moment, XL Axiata launched a short video message with the title “Pesan Untuk Raka” or “Message for Raka”, which is dedicated to all fighting against the pandemic, from those who are committed to following health protocols to those who are fighting for their health. This video can be accessed on the XL Axiata YouTube channel.


The Commercial Director of XL Axiata, David Arcelus Oses, said, “As an important aspect of Indonesian society, Ramadan, followed by Eid, is always a special time for XL Axiata. Equipped with the knowledge of last year’s Ramadan, service usage traffic during both Ramadan and Eid continue to experience a significant increase, even during the pandemic and heightened travel restrictions as a result of it. This year, conditions are projected to be similar to the last, including the ban on homecoming travel, which is why we have prepared a number of promo products that have been especially tailored to the needs of our customers in various segments of society during this time. We hope that our offers can keep customers productive, while at the same time meet their needs by supporting their Ramadan and Eid activities.”


Network traffic is expected to increase by up to 10% during Ramadan compared to traffic on weekdays, and will increase by up to 20% when entering the Eid holiday. For this reason, XL Axiata has prepared a network that can accommodate all increased traffic by expanding capacity up to 200% compared to the daily capacity. In addition, network optimization is also carried out by analyzing the possibility of movement of our customers and the public. Therefore, the government policy of prohibiting travel during Eid will act as a reference to strengthen the network in residential areas, without reducing network quality at commercial locations.


Digital services that can help customers conduct prayer or worship activities and stay in touch with family and friends are expected to be widely accessed by the public. Applications that provide e-books are likely to be widely accessed in order to obtain digital versions of the Koran or other religious books. In addition, applications that allow people to stay in touch online are also likely to be increasingly used. Ramadan and Eid traditions also encourage people to strengthen friendship. Applications that allow gatherings of groups such as for online schooling will also be used for family and community gatherings. The possibility of increased traffic will also occur on applications for entertainment and lifestyle, especially for the streaming of music, films, videos and games.


Attractive Promo Packages


XL launched its newest innovation, “Paket Akrab”, which is an Internet package with a large quota that can be used and shared with family members or relatives. This package also provides additional personal quota bonuses for each member, and also include unlimited quota to access applications such as WhatsApp, Google Maps, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangout, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. In addition, customers will also get free calls and SMS to XL and AXIS numbers. Adding members and managing quota can be done easily on the myXL App. There are various package options that can be tailored to the customer’s Internet needs and special prices apply only on the myXL App.


For AXIS customers, there are numerous attractive offers, namely “Paketupat” and “Paketakjil”, which can be activated via the AXISnet application. On Paketupat, customers can get the Main Quota plus the Sahur Quota, which is valid from 00.00 – 06.00 WIB and is active for 7 days. There are two quota options:

  • A package priced at Rp 29,900 with 15GB, consisting of the Main Quota 10GB + Sahur Quota 5GB
  • A package priced at Rp 34,900 with 20GB, consisting of the Main Quota 15GB + Sahur Quota 5GB.


On Paketakjil, customers can get the Sahur Quota and Bedug Quota, which are valid from 17.00 – 20.00 WIB, with an active period of 7 days. This package also consists of two options:

  • A package priced at Rp 29,900 with a data quota of 13GB, consisting of the Sahur Quota 10GB + Bedug Kota 3GB.
  • A package priced at Rp 34,900 with a data quota of 18GB, consisting of the Sahur Quota 15GB + Bedug Quota 3GB.


In addition, AXIS subscribers can also take advantage of the AXIS DONASI service to channel donations through the AXISnet application. There is also the PARSEL service, which customers can use to send bonus quotas to other AXIS numbers after purchasing a package.


For XL PRIORITAS postpaid customers, a special Ramadan promo is available with a larger quota and a more affordable price. With this promo, customers can enjoy the convenience of staying in touch with family and friends, and spread unlimited kindness, without having to worry about quotas and prices with XL PRIORITAS. For new customers, the offers are:

  • Special rates up to 12 months for Unlimited Internet on all networks and applications, starting from Rp 100,000/month.
  • Up to Rp 14 million smartphone discount and a bonus Rp 100,000 shopping voucher with the myPRIO DEAL X bundling package. Available for a wide selection of the latest favorite smartphones.


Meanwhile, offers for existing customers are:

  • A 15% discount for the purchase of Booster Data and Phonecalls.
  • A 15% discount for plan updgrades, valid for customers of  myPRIO X Unlimited, myPRIO Talk+, and PRIO GO Plan.
  • A 1GB quota bonus for every PRIO Flex top-up of at least Rp 25,000.


For XL HOME customers, a special Ramadan package is available, namely the BAROKAH promo package (Bikin Asik Ramadan Dengan Koneksi dan Konten Meriah). With this promo package, customers can enjoy super fast Internet service without limits, while enjoying various quality local and international shows, popular sports matches, and even playing games on TV. For new customers, this package provides the following benefits:

  • Package prices starting from Rp 299,000 per month for speeds of up to 100Mbps.
  • Free 6 months subscription of Vidio Premier Platinum.
  • Free premium games from Air Console.


Social Programs


In the coming month of Ramadan, XL Axiata will also continue to channel social support activities for people in need, which include increasing community capacity, easing shared burdens, channeling donations to disaster areas, and repairing or building mosques and physical infrastructure in various remote areas. XL Axiata will also continue to support the government’s efforts to face the COVID-19 pandemic. Among them is through the Sentra Vaksinasi Indonesia Bangkit program (or Rising Indonesia Vaccine Center), which will continue to operate until June 2021.

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