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Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh Celebrations XL Axiata Network Ready to Face Traffic Surge in Bangka Belitung Islands
XL Axiata has prepared a larger network capacity. There is a possibility of traffic surges during Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh celebrations that are higher than last year, considering that the government has lifted restrictions related to the pandemic.

Pangkalpinang, 20 January 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) ensures that the network throughout the Province of Bangka Belitung (Babel) Islands is ready to face the possibility of traffic surges during the upcoming Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh holidays. XL Axiata estimates that there will be a surge in data traffic of around 12% compared to regular days. This traffic increase is predicted to occur in several cities in Bangka and Belitung with the largest concentration of Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh celebrations.

Group Head of XL Axiata West Region, Desy Sari Dewi, said, "To ensure the comfort of the community during the days of Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh celebrations this year, we have made a series of preparations to face the increase in traffic that occurs in the Province of Babel Islands. We have doubled our network capacity. The increase in traffic will be more noticeable in data services. Compared to the previous year's celebration, this year's data consumption is predicted to be greater because there are no more restrictions from the government on traveling after the pandemic."


Desy added that during the Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh celebrations, XL Axiata will pay full attention to network quality in many residential areas, inns, places of worship, shopping centers, airports, and ports. The increase in traffic will occur more in data services, while the potential increase in voice service traffic will not be too high. Streaming service traffic is expected to increase by around 35% based on the type of service. In addition, services such as Video Calls, Web Browsing, and Instant Messaging (IM) will also experience an increase. It is because, usually, many will deliver greeting messages at this moment.


XL Axiata's network throughout the Province of Babel Islands is supported by a total of more than 2,000 BTS, including more than 1,300 4G BTS. This number includes BTS on several islands, such as Bangka, Belitung, Lepar Island, Liat Island, Mendanau Island, Seiliu Island, Buku Limau Island, and several remote islands. Currently, several cities/regencies in the Bangka Belitung (Babel) Islands region have experienced a significant increase in data service traffic in the past year, including West Bangka (48%), Belitung (30%), and South Bangka (30%).

To serve customers who need service support during the Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh celebrations, XL Axiata's customer service team is also ready. Customers can contact the 24-hour call center officers through 817, 818, and 838 as well as digital-based service channels, namely @myXLCare on Twitter and Facebook, live chat at, and email at [email protected]. Axis card customers can also contact @ask_AXIS on Twitter, live chat at, or via email at [email protected].



Xtra Combo Flex Package Promo in Singapore and Malaysia


XL Axiata customers and Babel Islands residents who want to celebrate Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh in Singapore or Malaysia are recommended to prepare the Xtra Combo Flex package. It is because there are many benefits once in the neighboring country, including easy internet access and no need to bother changing cards. This program is available for Xtra Combo Flex customers with the XXL 50GB package or the XXXL 66GB package.

This Xtra Combo Flex package promo can be utilized by customers and communities in the Province of Babel Islands to access data services while being in Singapore and Malaysia. XL Axiata customers arriving in Singapore can choose between M1 and Starhub operators. Meanwhile, XL Axiata customers who have arrived in Malaysia can choose between Celcom and Digi operators.


Head of Sales of XL Axiata for Lampung-Babel, Sarroso Dwi Panggah, said, "To ensure that the public and customers can easily get XL Axiata products, both XL and AXIS, currently in the Province of Babel Islands there are around 4,000 credit shops that provide XL Axiata products. These stores are spread to districts and villages covered by XL Axiata services. Through these distribution network stores, customers can also get information and file complaints, which the store manager will forward to XL Axiata customer service."


For more information, please check the website


Customers and the public in Bangka City can directly inquire about information on the benefits of the Xtra Combo Flex package for a vacation to Malaysia or Singapore at XL Center Bangka, Jl. Raya Koba Villa Bangka Asri Blok B No. 1. Meanwhile, customers and the public in Belitung City can directly visit the XL Center Belitung, Jl. Brigjen Katamso No.5, Tj. Pandan, Belitung Regency. In the meantime, customers and the public of Manggar City can pay a visit to XL Center Manggar, Jl. Pegadaian, Baru, Kec. Manggar, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands.

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