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Supporting the Implementation of Mining Digitalization at PT VALE Indonesia, XL Axiata Business Solutions Provides a Private Network
XL Axiata Business Solutions Supports the Implementation of Intelligent Mining Based on Private Network and IoT Technology

Jakarta, 13 January 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata), through XL Axiata Business Solutions as an integrated ICT service provider, supports PT VALE Indonesia to achieve Industry 4.0 by implementing intelligent mining based on a private network and IoT technology at the mine site. The implementation of industry 4.0 that requires automation in all lines and inter-connectedness needs a qualified network infrastructure.


The implementation of intelligent mining based on a private network and IoT technology for PT VALE Indonesia is located in Sorowako, East Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi. PT VALE Indonesia became one of the first mining companies in Southeast Asia to implement industrial-grade Private LTE technology to support mining effectiveness


This support is in line with XL Axiata's efforts to realize the vision of becoming the leading convergence operator in Indonesia, including becoming a digitalization enabler for corporations and society, "XL Axiata Ada Untuk Indonesia". 


Chief Enterprise and SME Officer of XL Axiata, Feby Sallyanto, stated, "A private network is connectivity with characteristics that many network infrastructures do not have in general. A private network has a high level of reliability, security, and speed, and is very suitable for applications that require low latency. This technology covers a vast area and can support data transfer between network areas. Thus, a private network will be very suitable for use in the mining industry, where companies are required to increase productivity levels through automation, reduce costs with fleet management using IoT technology, and increase employee safety levels as employees do not need to go to dangerous areas". 


Feby Sallyanto added that a private network allows mining companies to implement autonomous vehicles, 360 situational awareness, geo-tracking, fleet management, predictive maintenance, and mission-critical communication. None of these use cases can be carried out optimally without a private network. It is in line with the goals of PT VALE Indonesia, which is heading towards Industry 4.0, and XL Axiata Business Solutions to become an ICT partner with integrated services.


"It is an honor for us at XL Axiata Business Solutions to be able to support the journey of Industry 4.0 in a company as big as PT VALE Indonesia. Under the leadership of Mrs. Febriany Eddy, who is also the first female CEO in the mining sector, we see that PT VALE Indonesia's digitalization steps are in line with the digitalization trend that also continues to grow in the mining industry around the world. She is very concerned with the development of digital technology, especially its utilization in the mining industry. We will be ready to support the digitalization efforts implemented by PT VALE Indonesia with the best technology and services," Feby Sallyanto continued. 


Nokia also expressed similar support. Mr. Jonathan Goh, Nokia Head of Enterprise Sales for ASEAN, said, "With the onset of Industry 4.0, connectivity is becoming the cornerstone of digitalization in the mining sector. Nokia, together with XL Axiata, is proud to have provided Private Wireless Network technology for PT Vale as a foundation for developing Digital Mine, which is important to increase the company's productivity and efficiency".


In addition, PT Vale's Private Wireless Network also plays an essential role in improving employee safety with voice and video communication technology in carrying out mining operations. With the Private Wireless Network, PT Vale now has a strong foundation to continue and develop Digital Mine from Pit to Plant to Port. It is per the Indonesian government's desire to implement Industry 4.0 in mining.



In line with the implementation of Industry 4.0 at Vale Global, PT VALE Indonesia can utilize the private network for:

  • Autonomous trucks
  • Drones to conduct monitoring in hazardous areas to increase employee safety
  • Predictive analysis to increase asset lifespan by installing IoT sensors
  • Communication that supports mission-critical efforts to increase the safety of employees
  • Improved communication within the pit as well as between pits and ports to improve situational awareness


In addition to increasing productivity, efficiency, and the level of employee safety, PT VALE Indonesia can also use the private network to support a sustainable environment by increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions in all activities through predictive analysis and fleet management.


Currently, XL Axiata has implemented seven sites for PT VALE Indonesia, covering an area of 70,566 hectares in South Sulawesi. In addition, until the end of 2022, the technology implementation will continue to be developed to monitor stock and document daily production data.

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