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XL Axiata Employees Build Clean Water Facilities and Village Bridge in Banyuasin

Banyuasin, 5 December 2021. Employees of PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through the XL Axiata Taklim Council (MTXL) laid the first stone of waqf construction of clean water facilities and bridge for the community in Talang Lubuk Village, Sumber Marga Telang District, Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra which was held on Sunday (5/12). Present at the event were the Chairman of XL Axiata Taklim Council, Yanuar Tirta Kumaya, Head of Sales XL Axiata Greater Palembang – Babel, Budi Utama Lubis, GM of Human Initiative Management Program, Siti Maisaroh, Head of Sumber Marga Telang District, Drs. Hasanul Hak, M.M, Head of Talang Lubuk Village, Sanusi and local community leaders.


Head of MTXL Axiata, Yanuar Tirta Kumaya, said, "MTXL Axiata seeks to facilitate employees and leaders who wish to donate part of their wealth to help find solutions to community problems in various regions. However, we have been living in the society too and are aware of some of the social problems that arise. Because of that, we should also be ready to help find solutions to social problems faced by the community according to our capabilities.”


Yanuar added that the funds for the construction of clean water facilities and bridge are waqf funds managed by XL Axiata Taklim Council to be distributed to people who are entitled to receive it. MTXL Axiata strives to continue to spread kindness to establish friendships with community groups from various circles and various regions. These two development programs are in collaboration with the social welfare institution, the Human Initiative.


This village bridge spans over 70 meters of the Talang Lubuk Village River, connecting Talang Lubuk Village Hamlet 1 with Hamlet 2, which can reduce the distance travelled by local residents to the surrounding area in carrying out their daily social and economic activities. As a support, the bridge uses the number one quality wood. The development process takes about 4 months.


Meanwhile, the construction of clean water facilities is also in Talang Lubuk Village. The surface water sources in the village are actually abundant, but the quality is very low, the salt content is too high so it tastes salty and briny. Its geographical position which is located on the coast, precisely in the delta area where the Musi River flows and the sea meets, makes it difficult for residents in this village to get a supply of clean drinking water.


Head of Talang Tubuk Village, Sanusi said “We are very grateful to MTXL Axiata and XL Axiata employees for the help and attention given to our village. The existence of the bridge and clean water facilities has been our hope for a long time. We will make the most of it and of course also take care of it.”



AXIS Supports Vaccination


Through the AXIS brand, XL Axiata continues to support the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination for young people in Sumatra. This time, AXIS supports Covid-19 vaccination in Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra, at Auxiliary Puskesmas (Pustu) of Merah Mata Village, Banyuasin Regency, Saturday (4/12). This program targets 1,100 residents.


Head of Sales XL Axiata Greater Palembang – Babel, Budi Utama Lubis said, "As part of the people of South Sumatra, we at XL Axiata strongly support the local government's hard efforts in accelerating Covid-19 vaccination in various regencies/cities. We feel that the acceleration of this vaccination is a shared responsibility, including the private sector like us.”


AXIS as a youth brand has the spirit to support the creativity of the younger generation as well as learn and create even though they are still in the midst of a pandemic situation. For this reason, AXIS really hopes that this vaccination can be a doorway for more people to receive vaccinations, especially from college students. To date, AXIS has supported more than 27,700 people who have received vaccinations in Bandung, West Java, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Jakarta and Medan. This support from AXIS will continue in several other cities in Indonesia.


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