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Aiming B2B and SME Markets Potential XL Axiata Business Solutions Expands Services in Sumatra

Medan, 30 November 2021.  PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through XL Axiata Business Solutions sees the huge market potential for business-to-business (B2B) and SME corporate services in Sumatra. A number of steps are currently being taken by the company to enter the Sumatran market, including strategic cooperation with corporations and the SME community in the Sumatra region.


Chief Enterprise & SME Officer of XL Axiata, Feby Sallyanto said, "XL Axiata Business Solutions has prepared and developed digital infrastructure, human resources (HR), and platforms to support all business sectors in Indonesia, especially Sumatra, including the industrial sector that related to nature such as plantations, mining and other potentials, including the SME business.”


Starting the seriousness of business in the Sumatra region, XL Axiata Business Solutions opens space to collaborate with various industry segments, one of which is by actively participating in the "KIM Investment Expo 2021" event held by the Medan Industrial Estate (KIM), Friday (26/11). In the event, Feby Sallyanto was present as one of the speakers regarding digitization and transformation that can be carried out in the Sumatra region to accelerate economic growth.


At the "KIM Investment Expo 2021" Seminar in Medan, Feby emphasized that XL Axiata Business Solutions is committed to supporting business players in developing industrial estates throughout Indonesia by becoming an integrated ICT partner in developing digital infrastructure, various solutions and integrated business services, such as mobile, fixed connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and data center, and mobile advertising aimed at accelerating business growth for industry players.


The IoT service line has a variety of future solutions that will change the way industrial estates work, such as Smart Surveillance Systems, Control Access and Building Automation, Over the Top Dashboards for Smart Industry, and Intelligent Logistics and Wastewater Treatment. These aspects can benefit if digital transformation is implemented by industrial estate management. XL Axiata Business Solutions is experienced in providing converged ICT services and, at the same time, being an active player in implementing digital transformation. Then in each of its services, XL Axiata Business Solutions prepares professionals with comprehensive expertise in information and communication technology innovation to enrich clients' insights. In addition, digital solutions are custom designed according to customer requirements.


In Sumatra, several strategic steps that have been taken include innovating together to create integrated ICT solutions in accordance with the growing business needs, establishing strategic partnerships as ICT providers and official connectivity in industrial and government areas, and building a representative network of XL Business Solutions (B2B Dealer). In addition, smart agriculture and smart industrial solutions are also prepared for plantations and industry in Sumatra, as well as support for SMEs and collaboration with cooperatives.


Meanwhile, for industrial estate management in Sumatra, XL Axiata Business Solutions offers cooperation in providing a complete digital network infrastructure with various solutions that can be utilized by companies in the region. The existence of a complete digital infrastructure in an industrial area is a fundamental facility to realize the vision of becoming a smart industrial estate that is ready to compete in the Industry 4.0 era.


For industrial estate management, XL Axiata Business Solutions offers a number of digital solutions that will improve their performance and service quality. These solutions include mobile (free communication without limits anytime anywhere), Infinet Go/Office, fixed connectivity (providing links for thousands of companies throughout Nusantara and abroad), IoT Projects such as smart lighting for public roads, heat sensors, security management and private LTE.


Currently, XL Axiata Business Solutions' customers have reached more than 3,000 companies consisting of large-scale firms and SMEs. They operate in more than 330 industrial sectors. In addition, XL Axiata Business Solutions has various services related to corporate internet connectivity, company productivity driving services, as well as the Internet of Things along with exclusive consulting services. In Sumatra, currently XL Axiata services are supported by network infrastructure with a total of more than 31 thousand BTS, including more than 15 thousand 4G BTS.


XL Axiata Business Solutions continues to increase the diversity of its product portfolio according to client needs and also improve the quality of services to global standards by achieving several international certificates including the MEF 3.0 CE Certificate, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 Certifications.

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