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XL Axiata 25th Anniversary XL Axiata is Determined to Support the Government in Realizing Digital Transformation in Indonesia Launching XL SATU - The First Convergence Service in Indonesia
XL Axiata has never stopped building 4G network to remote areas in various provinces in order to participate in equitable distribution of fast internet access to all communities in various regions, including in remote villages. XL Axiata has also presented a variety of innovative service products that further enhance the ease and convenience of customers in accessing fast and stable internet anywhere, one of which is through the first converged service in Indonesia.

Jakarta, 8 October 2021. Entering the 25th year of serving the people of Indonesia, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) has confirmed its determination to continue to support the government's vision of realizing digital transformation in Indonesia. For this reason, according to the theme of the 25th Anniversary, Building a Digital Indonesia, XL Axiata has never stopped building 4G network to remote areas in various provinces to participate in equitable distribution of fast internet access to all communities in various regions, including in remote villages. Furthermore, XL Axiata has also presented various innovative service products that further enhance the convenience and comfort of customers in accessing fast and stable internet anywhere, one of which is through the first converged service in Indonesia.


President Director & CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini, said, "Even during a pandemic which is quite heavy for business, we have not reduced our investment in building 4G network to remote areas, as part of the implementation of XL Axiata's commitment in an effort to Build a Digital Indonesia. In addition, as proof of our commitment to continuously innovate, recently we have also passed the operational feasibility test to deploy a 5G network and so far XL Axiata's 5G network is available in nine locations spread across eight major cities in Indonesia. On the service side, we continue to carry out massive digital transformations to create various services that will make it easier for customers and the public to adopt digital life in various fields. One of our superior service products is the XL SATU convergence service which unites fast and stable fiber-optic-based internet services with cellular-based services.”


According to Dian, digitalization in various fields will continue to expand and be unstoppable as it is proven to be able to produce positive things, including boosting productivity. To reap the benefits of digitalization, Indonesians need to transform. The development of the keep expanding 4G network infrastructure by XL Axiata is a realization of XL Axiata's commitment to supporting digital transformation in various fields, including part of the company's real actions in supporting the government's vision to utilize fast internet access to accelerate the equitable distribution of national development.


Currently, XL Axiata's telecommunication and data network has reached more than 60,800 villages in more than 5,700 sub-districts and 459 cities/regencies in all provinces from Sabang to Merauke. XL Axiata's total fiber optic backbone network reaches more than 103 thousand kilometers supporting more than 156 thousand BTS, including more than 65 thousand 4G BTS, to serve more than 56 million customers.



“XL SATU” Convergence Service


On the momentum of the 25th-anniversary celebration, XL Axiata introduced the first convergence service in Indonesia, which is continuously being developed, namely "XL SATU Lite". This innovative service is a development of the “XL SATU Fiber” service introduced in early June 2021. With XL SATU Lite, customers can get superfast home internet service using a wireless broadband technology connection, plus get a large cellular quota that can be used by up to 4 family members depending on the package chosen. In addition, through the MyXL application, customers can also get various conveniences, such as one bill for all the family's internet needs. The purchase process is also effortless; customers only need to visit the website.


President Director & CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini said, “Before, with XL SATU Fiber, only customers whose homes were within the reach of XL HOME Fiber could enjoy this service. Now with XL SATU Lite, we can reach all Indonesian families in various cities/regencies. The launch of this innovative XL SATU service is one of our missions in providing quality internet services with various conveniences and affordable prices for all Indonesian families.”


At the inaugural launch of the XL SATU Lite convergence service package, 5 packages were offered, namely Value, Smart, Family, Super User, and Ultimate Packages, with prices ranging from IDR 129 thousand to IDR 499 thousand. The price does not include the device. The benefits received by the customers are unlimited FUP quotas ranging from 30GB to 320GB and shared quotas ranging from 15GB to 100GB. The shared quotas can be used from 2 to 4 registered family members depending on the package chosen.


Meanwhile, for XL SATU Fiber, customers can get superfast and unlimited home internet with fiber optic technology, plus a large cellular quota that can be used for up to 5 family members. In addition, customers can enjoy national TV shows to world-class entertainment, from NETFLIX, VIDIO, CATCHPLAY+, MOLA, and many others, with the XL HOME Entertainment box. In addition, free installation fees and equipment rental can also be enjoyed because everything is included in the monthly subscription price.


The subscription packages offered are ranging from 30Mbps to 1Gbps internet speed, as well as shared cellular quotas from 15GB to 300GB that can be shared by 2 to 5 family members. Subscriptions start from IDR 274,000 to IDR 999,000. Customers can see if their home area is covered with XL SATU services through the website and are given the freedom to choose services and packages that suit their family's needs.



Special offer on XL Axiata Anniversary


To celebrate its 25th anniversary, XL Axiata also provides three special offers for customers.

First, 25% discount promo for all XL, AXIS, and XL PRIORITAS products. For XL products, a 25% discount is given for the AKRAB Package variants S 10GB, M 25GB, L 45GB, XL 80GB, and XXL 160GB. This promo can be obtained on the myXL application only on October 8, 2021.


For AXIS customers, a 25% discount is given for BRONET 24 Hours 3GB, 5GB, and 8GB Packages, as well as 64GB and 120GB OWSEM Packages. This promo can only be obtained on the AXISnet application on October 8, 2021.


For XL PRIORITAS postpaid subscribers, a 25% discount is available on the 30GB Komplit Booster Package, 10GB Data Booster Package, 50GB Work and Study Booster Package, 50 minutes and 50 SMS Offnet Booster Package, and 50 minutes and 50 SMS Anynet Booster Package. XL PRIORITAS customers can get the discount promo through the myXL application, UMB *123#, XL Center, and the official Whatsapp 0818 8000 55.


Not to forget, a 25% discount also applies to LIVE.ON products. Customers can take advantage of this discount on the Live.On Base Plan 25GB-30 days, Base Plan 50GB-30 days, and Base Plan 100GB-30 days. This offer is only valid on October 8, 2021.


Second, triple-25 promo. The promo is in the form of a 25GB quota package that is valid for 25 days at a price of only IDR 25 thousand. For XL and AXIS products, this promo will provide quota packages for customers in the form of 2GB main quota, 8GB night quota, 5GB Youtube quota, and 10GB TikTok quota. In Triple-25 promo for XL PRIORITAS products, customers will get a 25GB main quota for Rp. 25 thousand. This Triple-25 promo can be obtained specifically on October 8, 2021, which is available on the myXL and AXISnet applications.


Third, top-up bonus promo. The bonus is given to every customer who top-up XL or AXIS at a minimum of IDR 25 thousand on October 8, 2021, in the form of a 2.5GB quota that is valid for one day. This bonus can be redeemed on myXL and AXISnet applications.


For XL PRIORITAS customers, every time you make the first PRIO Flex top-up of at least IDR 25 thousand in the period 1 – 30 October 2021, you will automatically get a bonus of 1GB main quota lasting for 30 days. In addition, new XL PRIORITAS customers, both new activation and migration in the period 1-30 October 2021, will get special discounts on myPRIO X Plan Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Ultima packages. Special for customers invited to activate migration via telesales, customers will not be charged a deposit fee and are entitled to a free 8GB quota to access Netflix, Youtube, Viu & Vidio, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. 



“XL Axiata Baik” Program


In the momentum of this 25th anniversary, XL Axiata management representatives and employees carried out social actions to support the community in the education sector. Through the "XL Axiata Baik" program, XL Axiata and its employees donated routers and free internet access for one year and donated usable laptops from the employees to the AL-IBTIDA Islamic Boarding School in Tanjung Pakis, Karawang, West Java. In the same activity, some employees also taught the boarding school students. People Development Group Head of XL Axiata, Nashrudin Ismail, symbolically handed over the donation to the Head of the Tanjung Pakis AL-IBTIDA Islamic Boarding School Foundation, Mukti Ali, Wednesday (5/10). This activity will continue to take place in an effort to Build a Digital Indonesia.


Also, through the XL Axiata Baik Program, the XL Axiata Taklim Council (MTXL) carried out several Ziswaf programs whose funding came from XL Axiata employees, including two zakat programs, one infaq/alms program, and three waqf programs. Two zakat programs were conducted in Tuban and Malang. First, house renovation for an elderly widow living on her own, a resident of Sumbersari Village, Palang District, Tuban Regency, East Java Province. Second, productive zakat in the form of water refill depot in Malang Regency; this program helps to create job opportunities for mustahiq so that they can be economically independent. Furthermore, one program related to infaq/alms from XL employees is the provision of water stations for filtering ready-to-drink water in five mosques in Bandung. This activity will be carried out starting in October 2021 and is expected to be completed in November 2021.


MTXL also distributes waqf of XL Axiata employees through three waqf programs spread across several regions in Indonesia. First, the waqf program for providing clean water facilities and renovating bridges in the Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra. Second, the bridge renovation activity in Beting Village, Pantai Bahagia Village, Bekasi Regency, West Java. Third, the mosque construction program in Blang Beurandang Village, West Aceh Regency, Aceh Province. The three activities will be carried out between October and November 2021, and the constructions are estimated to take about five months to complete.

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