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XL Axiata Boosts Digital Learning at Islamic Universities in Banjarmasin with Router and Data Donations
XL Axiata aims to help Islamic universities to boost digital literacy to drive the digital economy in rural areas. The GDK program is a step for the company to promote equal digital across Indonesia.

BANJARMASIN, MARCH 22, 2024. In an effort to support digital education in Indonesia,  XL Axiata distributes router and data quota donations to Islamic institutions, including boarding schools (ponpes), across the country through the Quota Donation Movement (GDK) program. One recipient is Rumah Harapan Foundation located in Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan. Feiruz Ikhwan, XL Axiata's Director & Chief Finance Officer, directly handed over the donation to the leader of Rumah Harapan Foundation, Darmansyah, in Banjar Regency on Friday (22/3).


Feiruz Ikhwan stated, "As our network infrastructure expands throughout Indonesia, reaching rural areas as well, we hope to promote digital literacy in rural communities and support digitalization in Islamic institutions. Currently, XL Axiata aims to enhance digital literacy in Islamic institutions to drive the digital economy in rural areas."


Feiruz added, XL Axiata recognizes the importance of supporting rural Islamic universities to adapt to the digital age and produce skilled graduates. Apart from that, the GDK program is a concrete step for the company towards achieving digital education equality in Indonesia.


The router donation to the Rumah Harapan Foundation is equipped with a data package of 240 GB for 1 year which will be distributed during the month of Ramadan. Also present at the donation were XL Axiata's Chief Human Capital Officer, M. Hira Kurnia, XL Axiata's Group Head of Indirect Channel Management, Junius Khoestadi, and XL Axiata's Caretaker for the Kalimantan Area, Sarroso Dwi Panggah.


Darmansyah, the head of the Rumah Harapan Foundation, welcomed XL Axiata's GDK program, aiming to promote digital education in the universities he manages. He pledged to utilize it to boost digital literacy for students and teachers, recognizing the necessity of digital-based teaching nowadays.


"With collaboration between XL Axiata, local organizations, government bodies, and community leaders, we aim for effective distribution and utilization of these resources. XL Axiata's assistance isn't just about corporate social responsibility; it's a long-term commitment to support Indonesia's development and welfare," said Feiruz.



In addition to South Kalimantan, the selected Islamic universities receiving donations are located in various provinces, including DI Yogyakarta, South Sulawesi, East Java, Banten and North Sumatra.



Donate basic necessities


During the momentum of the holy month of Ramadan, XL Axiata is distributing food donations to 60 locations across Indonesia through its XL Axiata Peduli program. The distribution of these basic food packages is part of XL Axiata's ongoing efforts to connect with communities nationwide.


XL Axiata Caretaker for the Kalimantan Area, Sarroso Dwi Panggah, expressed, "We would like to thank everyone who has supported XL Axiata for their contributions in 2023. Despite challenges and struggles, we achieved our goals through hard work. Let's continue working together to grow and improve in 2024."


Additionally, through the XL Axiata Baik program, employees together with the XL Axiata Taqlim Council (MTXL) are also distributing food package donations to Islamic universities in 15 cities across Indonesia, further demonstrating their commitment to supporting local communities.

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