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Supporting Indonesia's Electric Vehicle Industry XL Axiata Steps Up with ICT Services for PT Mobil Anak Bangsa
This partnership with PT MAB holds significant strategic importance for XL Axiata and may soon be integrated into the XLABS project lineup, strengthening Indonesia's expanding electric vehicle (EV) industry. This collaboration underscores XLABS' commitment to support the development and advancement of the domestic EV industry, including supplying necessary EV equipment and helping EV businesses operations.

JAKARTA, MAY 6, 2024. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) has partnered with PT Mobil Anak Bangsa (MAB) through XL Axiata Business Solutions (XLABS) to provide essential ICT services, such as Internet of Things (IoT) and fixed connectivity, for a leading national electric bus manufacturer. This collaboration signifies XL Axiata's commitment to advancing the local electric vehicle industry.


The agreement was signed in Jakarta (4/5), by XL Axiata's President Director & CEO, Dian Siswarini, and PT MAB's President Director, Kelik Irwantono.  Also present at the signing ceremony was the General Chair of the Indonesian Electric Vehicle Industry Association (Periklindo), General TNI (Ret.) Dr. Dr. (H.C) Moeldoko, S.I.P, M.SI.


Dian Siswarini expressed, "Partnering with PT MAB holds great strategic importance for XL Axiata, representing a key aspect of our XLABS projects aimed at fostering the rapidly growing Indonesian electric vehicle (EV) industry. We are fully dedicated to seizing this opportune moment in the EV sector, demonstrating our commitment and eagerness to progress together. This collaboration underscores XLABS' readiness to support the development and advancement of the national EV industry, including catering to the intricate needs of advanced EV products and supporting the operational aspects of EV companies."


Meanwhile, Kelik Irwantono emphasized, "This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) symbolizes our joint dedication to propel the electric vehicle ecosystem forward in Indonesia. Through collaboration with respected partners like XL Axiata, we aspire to stimulate innovation and sustainability within the transportation sector. The signing of this MoU marks a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable future, aligning with broader objectives aimed at promoting renewable energy and mitigating carbon emissions."


In this collaboration, XLABS will offer a precise solution in the form of IoT Connectivity+ tailored for connectivity within the EV Bus. This service allows MAB's electric vehicle management to monitor crucial vehicle components, such as battery status and real-time location. The advantages of adopting this solution include streamlined daily operations and enhanced vehicle maintenance.


Additionally, the IoT Connectivity+ solution promotes operational cost efficiency by centralizing control and monitoring via a dashboard. Initially, this solution will be implemented on selected vehicles manufactured by MAB, while the Fixed Connectivity solution will facilitate connectivity to MAB's factory in Kudus. Looking ahead, the integration of IoT and ICT solutions atop XL Axiata's dependable connectivity holds the potential for further operational benefits.


PT MAB, established in 2017, is a domestic electric vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Kudus, Central Java Province. Presently, the company's product range includes electric buses, trucks, and vans.

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