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XL Axiata is Ready to Face the Spike in Data Traffic in West Sumatera and Jambi
XL Axiata's total 4G network in West Sumatra has reached more than 1,100 villages, 155 districts, and 18 cities/regencies, while in Jambi it has reached more than 1,500 villages, 122 districts, and 11 cities/districts. The growth of data traffic itself in the last two years has reached 46% in West Sumatra, and 39% in Jambi

Padang, 16 April 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk's (XL Axiata) data network throughout West Sumatra and Jambi is ready to face a spike in traffic ahead of the exodus and the long Eid holiday. XL Axiata's total 4G network in West Sumatra has reached more than 1,100 villages, 155 districts, and 18 cities/regencies, while in Jambi it has reached more than 1,500 villages, 122 districts, and 11 cities/regencies. The data traffic growth itself in the last two years has reached 46% in West Sumatra and 39% in Jambi.


XL Axiata West Region Group Head, Desy Sari Dewi said, “Just like in previous years, we estimate that the demand for data services will increase rapidly. This occurs almost evenly in all cities and regencies spread across the Provinces of West Sumatra and Jambi. In addition to increasing capacity, we are also optimizing the network by looking at the mobility patterns of customers and the public during the upcoming Eid holiday. We have also ensured the availability of selected superior products in all distribution channels, especially in credit shops that are easily accessible to the public."


Desy added that regularly, the company continues to improve the quality of service in all cities and regencies spread across these two provinces. XL Axiata estimates that, like in previous years, a significant increase in traffic will occur in several regencies such as Solok Regency, with an estimated increase of 66%, Sarolangun Regency, 65%, Solok Selatan Regency, 56%, Tanjung Jabung Timur Regency, 55%, Pasaman Regency, 55%, and Sijunjung Regency, 42%. To ensure the network's ability to accommodate future spikes in traffic, XL Axiata has prepared several strategic steps, including increasing capacity compared to normal days, and implementing new technology.


XL Axiata also adjusts to trends in the use of types of services, especially data services, exodus traditions, and customer movements during the long Eid holiday.




Until the end of December 2022, there are more than 5,150 BTS in all of West Sumatra and Jambi, with the majority being 4G BTS. Construction of new networks and fiberization will continue throughout 2023 and the years ahead. In the last two years, the addition of 4G BTS by XL Axiata in the West Sumatra and Jambi regions has continued to be intensively carried out, including the additions which are spread across, among others, Padang City, Jambi City, Regency of Muaro Jambi, Lima Puluh Kota, Dharmasraya, and Batang Hari. This addition is surely adjusted to the high demand for data that continues to increase in that area.


Some of the points that are expected to experience an increase in traffic of data service use during the Eid holiday are Jam Gadang, Bukit Tinggi, Padang Beach, Ngarai Sianok, Pariaman Beach, and Kinantan Zoo. For crowded centers, as usual, there will be an increase in centers of worship such as grand mosques, shopping centers, squares, bus terminals, train stations, airports, up to along non-toll and toll arterial roads that connect areas in West Sumatra and other major provinces.


XL Axiata customers will use a lot of data services, especially social media to share content. Customers also access more streaming services, be it videos, music, or games, which require a large capacity. For streaming includes Youtube, Vidio, and Spotify. Meanwhile, the messaging application is Whatsapp.


Xtra Combo Flex Package Gives 7 Days Internet Bonus in Malaysia and Singapore


The long Eid holiday is used by some people in West Sumatra and Jambi for a vacation to Malaysia and Singapore. XL Axiata provides the Xtra Combo Flex Package which can be the best choice for West Sumatra and Jambi residents visiting or on holiday in Malaysia or Singapore. There are many benefits that this package can provide when customers are already in the two neighboring countries, including the convenience of internet access and no need to bother changing cards. A double quota bonus is obtained for new customers for every activation of the Prime Card of Combo Flex XXL and XXXL until 31 November 2023 at the nearest stores.


One of the Flex Bonuses that customers can choose from is the XL PASS. Here are a few things that customers need to pay attention to in order to get the XL PASS Flex Bonus during their holidays in Malaysia or Singapore:

  • For customers who have purchased the Xtra Combo Flex package, soon activate XL PASS Flex Bonus
  • Customers must first activate the XL Pass when they are still in Indonesia.  
  • These are the steps to activate the Flex Bonus of the XtraCombo Flex package: open the myXL app, choose the XL Store Menu, choose the “Bonus Saya” Menu, and then choose Flex Bonus.
  • XL Pass Flex Bonus of 7 days of internet in Malaysia and Singapore, counted from the first time the customers activate it in Indonesia.

XL Axiata customers who have arrived in Malaysia can choose Celcom and Digi operators, while XL Axiata customers who have arrived in Singapore can choose M1 and Starhub operators.


This special program is provided for Xtra Combo Flex customers who have XXL and XXXL packages. Customers can also freely choose Flex Bonuses, including main quota, YouTube quota, Vidio Platinum Subscription, Unlimited Turbo, and XL PASS. All Xtra Combo Flex Package bonus options along with the starter pack activation quota bonus are available in the myXL application and can be activated at no additional cost. Customers don't need to worry about internet costs while in Malaysia or Singapore because internet access will use the main quota of the Xtra Combo Flex package that is already owned by the customer.


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