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Sekolah Inspirasi Bangsa – Aceh Tamiang Visit XL Axiata Medan

Medan, February 9 2024. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) welcomed 40 students from the Sekolah Inspirasi Bangsa in Aceh Tamiang, Aceh Province. This activity is part of the curriculum focusing on the theme "Healthy Internet for the Millennial Generation" and introduces the students to the XL Axiata’s service. Held at the XL Center, Jalan Diponegoro No. 5, Medan, Wednesday (7/2). The students interacted with XL Axiata West Region leaders, including Cut Maha Ratu, Regional Service Excellence XL Axiata North Sumatra - Aceh area, Aldi Desmet, Corporate Communication XL Axiata West Region, and Suprayetno, Facility Management. During this visit, also present were the Chair of the Sekolah Inspirasi Bangsa Education Foundation, Rahmah Nur Rizki, S.Psi, M.Psi, the Director of the Sekolah Inspirasi Bangsa, Jumari, SE, and the Principal of the Sekolah Aksi Remaja, Juriah, S.Pd.I.


Desy Sari Dewi, XL Axiata West Region Group Head, stated, "XL Axiata continues to provide top-notch services to the community. We are delighted to be one of the business institutions where students from the Sekolah Inspirasi Bangsa, Aceh Tamiang, visit. We are also happy to share our insights on telecommunications and data services to the Indonesian people. Our aim is to inspire and educate them."


Desy added, XL Axiata has strong dedication to supporting the quality of education for Indonesia's young generation. XL Axiata has a program for students like Field Work Practices (PKL) and also for college students, namely the “Mahasiswa Kampus Merdeka” internship program which benefits over 100 students from various universities.


The Internet Sehat (healthy Internet) program aims to ensure children access the internet responsibly. Currently, children may encounter inappropriate or even negative content, such as pornography, online gambling, etc. During this visit, students are educated to use the internet and social media wisely.


The visit was designed to be interactive, students had the opportunity to ask questions and engage with experienced speakers. On that occasion, XL Axiata also introduced its router facility equipped with a free 20GB data package per month for a year through the GDK (Donation of Quota Movement) program to support learning activities.


After listening to the presentations from the speakers, the students had the opportunity to visit the customer service unit at the XL Center Medan to see and ask questions about the activities carried out there.


Chairman of the Sekolah Inspirasi Bangsa Education Foundation, Rahmah Nur Rizki, S.Psi, M.Psi, expressed, "This visit is incredibly important and inspiring. With the theme ‘Healthy Internet for the Millennial Generation’, we aim to equip students with technological literacy, it is crucial to provide education on using the internet responsibly yet enjoyably for Gen-Z. They can also get to witness customer service firsthand at the XL Center. We appreciate XL Axiata’s educational efforts, and our students’ enthusiasm is well received. Thank you XL Axiata.”


Sekolah Inspirasi Bangsa is dedicated to character building, nurturing potential and instilling empathy in children for the people around them. The school aspires "To become a nationally recognized institution in an effort to build human resources who are devout, inspiring, creative, tough, and independent based on spiritual values and professionalism."

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