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Seamless Communication in the Holy Land XL Axiata Launched Exclusive Hajj Starter Pack for IDR 345 Thousand with 20GB Data Quota
The XL Hajj starter pack is priced at IDR 345 thousand for a 45-day period, inclusive of a 20GB data allowance. XL Axiata has also introduced an exclusive Hajj internet bundle starting from IDR 185 thousand, offering a 6GB data quota valid for 45 days, accessible to XL Prepaid, AXIS, and XL PRIORITAS subscribers.

JAKARTA, May 16, 2024. As the Hajj season approaches, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) once again offered tailored packages for Indonesian Hajj pilgrims during their journey in the Holy Land. Pilgrims can avail themselves of these specialized offerings, including a starter pack, at highly competitive rates. With various basic quota options and extended validity periods, customers can ensure seamless communication while in the Holy Land. Indonesian Hajj pilgrims can seize a special opportunity to obtain the "XL Haji'' starter pack at Hajj embarkation points starting from May 10, 2024. Additionally, XL Prepaid, AXIS, and XL PRIORITAS subscribers can access a special Hajj internet package through the myXL and AXISNET applications.


Alfons Eric Bosch Sansa, the Chief Marketing Officer of XL Axiata, stated, "According to data from the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, this year, there are 241,000 Indonesian Hajj pilgrims embarking on the journey to the Holy Land. Given the extensive duration of the pilgrimage, maintaining communication with family members back home is essential. Whether it's through phone calls, sharing photos, or video calls, staying connected is important. Therefore, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive packages ensuring the comfort of pilgrims and their families, with competitive pricing, large quotas, extended validity periods, and reliable network quality supported by all operators in Saudi Arabia."


Alfons further emphasized that XL Axiata consistently tailors communication services year after year to cater specifically to the needs of Hajj pilgrims. This customization involves a deep understanding of the pilgrims' behavior and preferences while in the Holy Land and during stopovers in Saudi Arabian cities, including their data requirements. Thus, in addition to offering affordable and flexible rates, pilgrims have the flexibility to customize their packages based on their individual needs.


In order to ensure top-notch service quality for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, XL Axiata collaborates with all telecommunications operators renowned for their reliable network coverage in the region. Pilgrims have the option to select these operators for roaming services, eliminating the need to switch to local Saudi Arabian SIM cards. Another notable benefit of XL Axiata's Hajj Package is that any bonus data obtained can also be utilized in Indonesia, whether during the pilgrimage journey or upon returning home.


For Indonesian Hajj pilgrims without an existing XL Axiata subscription, they have the option to acquire an XL Haji starter pack at the point of Hajj embarkation. To make the process of accessing the Hajj Package service easier, XL Axiata outlets are established at 12 Hajj embarkation sites and accommodations, starting from May 10, 2024. These outlets are located at:


  • Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory Embarkation, Jakarta
  • Bekasi Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Donohudan Hajj Dormitory Embarkation, Boyolali - Solo
  • Kertajati Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Medan Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Banda Aceh Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Padang Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Batam Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Palembang Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Bangka Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Jambi Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Lampung Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Bengkulu Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Banjarmasin Hajj Dormitory Embarkation
  • Balikpapan Hajj Dormitory Embarkation


XL Axiata also provides a dedicated support channel for its pilgrims and customers in the Holy Land who require assistance from customer service. Not only is this channel easily accessible, but it's also cost-effective. Pilgrims and customers can reach out to the call center at 817 / +622157959817 (charged at IDR 5,000/minute), send an email to [email protected], or connect via Twitter @myXLCare for XL Prepaid users.



Hajj Package Details


Here are the details of the Hajj packages offered for XL Prepaid Customers:

  • 20GB Starter pack (10GB Saudi Arabian quota + 10GB Indonesian quota) priced at IDR 345,000 for 45 days.
  • 6GB Internet Package (5GB Quota in Saudi Arabia + 1GB Quota in Indonesia) priced at IDR 185,000 for 45 days.
  • These packages can be purchased through the myXL and UMB applications or by dialing *808*747#.


Here are details of the Hajj Packages offered for AXIS customers:

  • AXIS Mabrur starter pack with 10GB Indonesian quota + 10GB Saudi Arabian quota priced at IDR 345,000 for 45 days.
  • AXIS Mabrur 1GB + 5GB internet package priced at IDR 185,000 for 45 days.
  • These packages are available for purchase through the AXISNET and UMB applications or by dialing *808*747#.


Here are details of the Hajj Packages offered for XL PRIORITAS customers:

  • Umrah and Hajj internet packages for XL PRIORITAS customers start from IDR 525,000, offering 15GB data + 5GB data valid for 45 days.
  • Additionally, there's an Umrah and Hajj calling package providing 50 minutes of talk time with a validity period of 60 days, priced at IDR 97,000.
  • Customers can access XL PRIORITAS Umrah and Hajj packages at competitive rates through the myXL application.
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