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One Decade of XL Axiata Future Leaders Holding 20 Qualified Workshops and Delivering IoT Solution to the Community

Jakarta, March 16th 2021. The XL Axiata Future Leaders (XLFL) program which is an initiative of PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) has entered its 10th year. To mark this, XLFL will hold 20 free workshops for Indonesian young people for 10 consecutive days online, 16-25 March 2021. There is also a submission of IoT solutions made by XLFL students to be implemented by the community. Attending the XLFL 10th anniversary event was the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to New Zealand, Samoa and the Kingdom of Tonga, Tantowi Yahya, and the Expert Staff for Innovation and Creativity of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Josua Simanjuntak, as well as a number of XL Axiata leaders.


Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of XL Axiata, Marwan O. Baasir said, “During those 10 years through XLFL, XL Axiata has prepared Indonesian young people to be able to face challenges in the future, through the ability to communicate effectively, cope with change, and think creatively to find solutions. Also armed with these abilities, the XLFL program prepares Indonesian young generation to be able to emerge as leaders in the future. We hope that out of the 1,000 alumni who have participated in this excellent program, all of them will carry the name of Indonesia, or at least useful for the surrounding community ".


Marwan added, the theme of this 10th anniversary is "From Dreamers to Doers" or "Way of Dreamers to be Leaders", a theme that is always echoed by XLFL for the young generation of future Indonesian leaders. According to him, it is not enough just to dream, now is the time for the young generation to live and achieve that dream, and bring Indonesia to a better region. Entering a decade, XLFL has been attended by more than 137,000 registrants, 1,300 participating students and has succeeded in producing 1,000 alumni, most of whom have entered the professional world and are scattered in various fields.


The management of XL Axiata is committed, XLFL will continue to be a part of educating Indonesia's young generation through a program of providing soft skills and leadership training for young Indonesians. XL Axiata has prepared to develop this program into a program that can be absorbed by more young people throughout Indonesia and more useful to be applied in their professional life.


Tantowi Yahya advised the young generation if we have a dream, we must be determined to make it happen so that it will become an ideal/purpose and have motivation. "To be able to make dreams come true, you have to work hard. To be successful you must have abilities that can be obtained from academics and must have the opportunity. Opportunities can be obtained from networking. Therefore, (we) must be active in building networking. "


Meanwhile, the Expert Staff of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Innovation and Creativity Sector, Josua Simanjuntak, appreciated XL Axiata in organizing XLFL and has entered its 10th year. According to him, it is not easy to consistently run programs like XLFL. Therefore, Josua suggested the need for collaboration with other stakeholders. He gave an example, Kemenparekraf makes programs by adapting to existing conditions and collaborating with various stakeholders consisting of ABGCM (Academy, Business, Government, Community, and Media).


"This collaboration producing creativity, raising new ideas and later creates more innovative innovations in facing the challenges ahead. Don't forget the key, the young generation must be able to adapt, collaborate, and be innovative, which must also be done quickly, loudly and in a full speed,” continued Josua.



Self-Development Workshop


All workshops provided are open to the general public, especially young people who are interested in developing themselves in preparing for their future. All workshops take the theme that most of young people need today to prepare for a future career and to be able to survive as part of a global citizen, namely effective communication, critical and innovative thinking, and managing change.


There are 20 workshops that will be guided by experts, including those who have taught XLFL students, practitioners or professionals in related industries. By doing this online, participants from Sabang to Merauke are very likely to take part in this workshop. XL Axiata targets no less than 40 thousand participants to attend this workshop, especially students.


Registration can be done in two ways. First, through eight campuses that have collaborated and have become part of the Ecosystem of Knowledge for Indonesia's Young Generation with XLFL, namely Pradita University, IPB Vocational School, Pertamina University, Syiah Kuala University, Bandung State Polytechnic, Semarang State Polytechnic, Esa Unggul University, and Mandiri Astra Polytechnic. Second, through general registration whose link is informed through official account of XLFL in Instagram. There is no charge of fee to be able to attend all available workshops.



Implementation from College Students’ IoT Solution


The one-decade anniversary of the XLFL program was also marked by the solution submission of based on the Internet of Things (IoT) by XLFL students to the community so that it can be applied to increase business productivity. There are five IoT solutions that will be submitted for field trials by the beneficiaries.

The first is WaletQu which is the solution for swallow breeders to control the animal's habitat. This solution has features that combine the six essential elements needed to maintain the swallow’s habitat, which at the same time makes it easier for breeders to access the bird building via a smartphone. This device was then handed over to breeders in Makassar.


The next solution is called e-KanaXin. This solution is the answer for salted fish entrepreneurs in overcoming weather and contaminant problems. This device is connected to a dryer and is equipped with a weight, temperature and humidity sensor that can provide real-time data on the condition of salted fish via a smartphone. With e-kanaxin, salted fish fishermen can produce salted fish with higher quality, evenly dry and free of contaminants. This tool will be applied to fishermen in Belawan, Medan.


Next is Portani, which is an IoT-based solution in the form of an automatic spice dryer capable of drying spices effectively and hygienically. The use of Prtani can reduce failure rates by up to 40%. With this tool, farmers can reduce the potential for significant failure. This device will be implemented in Menoreh Herbal Medicine House, Yogyakarta.


For salt farmers, there is Salt-E that is IoT solution which can help determine the quality of salt in real-time. This device consists of a microprocessor, temperature sensor, and several salinity probes that are adjusted to the number of ponds in a salt pond. This tool will be applied by salt farmers in Surodadi, Jepara Regency.


Finally, a solution called Digiyandu or Digital Posyandu, which is a solution in the form of portable scales of weight and length / height, which is equipped with an IoT-based contactless thermometer. This device uses integrated sensors and databases to provide real-time data to the Health Office and users (cadres and mothers of toddlers) through the application. In addition, with the application, mothers of toddlers can get access to the Card Toward Health (Kartu Menuju Sehat) and get the latest information from the posyandu. This tool will be applied at the Kratonan Health Center, Surakarta City.

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