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“Kampus Merdeka” Program XLFL Selected to Fill Leadership Lecture at FISIPOL UGM
XL Axiata Future Leaders were selected as partners in the Future Skills program organized by FISIPOL UGM in the context of implementing the “Kampus Merdeka” Program. XLFL is seen as a program that focuses on self-development of young people in Indonesia who have the same vision as the Social Entrepreneurship program at this prestigious campus.

Jakarta, September 6th  2021. In order to implement the “Kampus Merdeka” Program, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University (FISIPOL UGM), chose XL Axiata Future Leaders (XLFL) as one of the parties presenting the course of Future Leader and Organization. The course is part of the Social Entrepreneurship (KS) program and the Future Skills course package provided by UGM and has been taking place since August 28, 2021.


XL Axiata's Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Marwan O. Baasir said, "It is an honor for XL Axiata for the trust given by a campus as big as UGM to the XLFL Program to fill courses in the implementation of the “Kampus Merdeka” Program. We will take full advantage of this rare opportunity to share our knowledge about leadership and various soft skills that the young generation of Indonesia must possess, which we have conveyed to students participating in the XLFL program for the last 10 years.”


According to the Deputy Dean for Alumni Cooperation and Research of FISIPOL UGM, Dr. Poppy Sulistyaning Winanti, M.P.P, M.Sc, UGM's consideration of choosing XLFL to teach at the Program, among others, is that XLFL is seen as a program that focuses on self-development of young people in Indonesia who have the same vision as the FISIPOL UGM Social Entrepreneurship Program.


"Both XLFL and FISIPOL UGM see the importance of the younger generation to be able to get the opportunity to develop knowledge and leadership, management, and organizational skills to prepare students to become future leaders," continued Poppy.


There were 150 students from 381 registrants from various educational institutions, who were selected to take part in the special class of the “Kampus Merdeka” Program with the instructor and curriculum from XLFL. They came from 65 universities, including UGM, UI, ITB, UNAIR, UNPAD, UNAND, UNILA, Patimura University, IPB, UNS, IAIN Kudus, IAIN Purwokerto, and IAIN Batusangkar. A series of selections for class participants is carried out by XLFL for applicants who are students who are taking semesters 5-7. Registration is open on 15 - 27 July 2021 through the page.


The selected students will take this “Kampus Merdeka” class for one semester, which is between August 28, 2021 - January 2022, on Saturdays. Lectures are held online with a total of 12 meetings, each meeting's duration is 120 minutes. Students are required to fulfill a minimum of 75% attendance and turn on the camera during class.


The courses for the “Kampus Merdeka” are divided into five classes, each containing 30 students. Submission of material is carried out by two lecturers in one class alternately, namely from facilitators and XLFL alumni who have teaching experience and achieved achievements in their respective workplaces.


Regarding the lecture material delivered in the “Kampus Merdeka” program, the material is adjusted to the XLFL curriculum. Competency values in the curriculum include effective communication, entrepreneurship and innovation, and change management.


Like lectures in general, in this Soft Skills and Leadership Development Class course from XLFL, there will also be a Mid-Semester Examination (UTS) and a Final Semester Examination (UAS) to assess the competencies obtained by students. Students who graduate from this course are expected to be better prepared to meet the needs of the world of work, outside of GPA and organizational experience during the lecture period.


When graduating from these courses, each student receives a certificate from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Dikti). By attending the “Kampus Merdeka” Program, the students have fulfilled 3 credits recognized by the Higher Education.


For almost 10 years, through the XLFL program, XL Axiata has prepared young Indonesians to be able to face future challenges, through the ability to communicate effectively, overcome change, and think creatively to find solutions. Entering a decade, XLFL has been attended by more than 137,000 registrants, 1,300 participating students and has succeeded in producing 1,000 alumni, most of whom have entered the professional world and are spread in various fields.

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