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Huawei Supports XL Future Leaders Program Provides IoT Webinars to Students

Jakarta, February 4, 2021 Entering its 9th year of XL Future Leaders Program, Huawei Indonesia and PT XL Axiata Tbk. (XL Axiata) have started the first session of the 2021, “Roads to IoT Business” smoothly. The webinar was attended by 460 participants from 6 cities in Indonesia virtually and opened by I Gede Darmayusa, Director & Chief of Technology Officer XL Axiata and Catherine Guan, Huawei Account Director for XL Axiata (03/02/2021).

XL Future Leaders (XLFL) is an award-winning sustainable CSR program focusing on young generation development of Indonesia to be competitive through ICT and soft-skills development since 2012 as a part of XL Axiata sustainability commitment to the nation. Throughout XLFL’s program, participants are equipped with knowledge to help them adapting to changes occur as well as sharpening their leadership skills to prepare them to enter the professional world.

This program consists of two types program: “Global Thinking Program” dan “”. The is an online learning platform presented in massive open online curriculum (MOOC) for anyone to attend, free of charge and entirely online. The Global Thinking Program is a two-year soft skills development program for students who are in their first and second year of enrollment at the time of registration. To be selected for this program, participants must follow various requirements including strict selection. Selected students will attend two-year workshops, which are held in various cities in Indonesia and require 100% commitment and attendance of participants.

In the following period, Huawei will also be involved to sharing more leading-edge and innovative topics including hot ICT technology, Management soft skill etc. Huawei hope all of youths can enjoy the training journey and benefit a lot from the future leader program.

Director & Chief of Technology Officer XL Axiata, I Gede Darmayusa said, “Starting 2021, XLFL develops curriculum materials that are tailored to current developments in digital technology. In addition to regular workshops, we also increase the educational materials available to students, such as extra knowledge from various parties outside of XLFL. In this early stage, XLFL joins hands with Huawei to provide materials related to technology. As it happens, Huawei also has the Huawei Learning Service educational program with which we can collaborate.”


I Gede Darmayusa added that Huawei’s training on IoT will expand the knowledge of XLFL students as the course trainers are experts from a worldwide technology company. The two themes are needed to complement their leadership classes so that when they become future leaders, they are already equipped with analytical and decision-making skills. The training also complements regular classes on XLFL that they have obtained from workshops, mentoring, and webinars that teach them a variety of soft skills.


Huawei’s learning material has two themes, the first of which is titled “Roads to IoT Business,” which will give a clearer picture about IoT solutions from a business perspective. This is also beneficial for those who may want to make IoT solutions their business in the future. The second theme, “Problem Analysis Decision-Making,” teaches how to analyze problems, set decision-making strategies, think creatively and critically in work settings, and clear the roadblocks to decision-making.


Catherine Guan, Huawei Account Director for XL Axiata remarks, “XL Future Leader is the CSR Program of XL Axiata which has been already operated for 9 years. We believe this program has far-reaching significance for the development of Indonesia's future talent. In 2020, Huawei ASEAN Academy was established in Huawei Indonesia Rep Office. The academy aims to make more contributions to the local ICT talent ecosystem in Indonesia, which is fully aligned with the XL Future Leader program. So, as a strategic partner of XL Axiata, Huawei is honored to work with XL Axiata to provide this series of industry hot technology sharing and leadership courses for the future leaders in Indonesia. In addition, Huawei plans to collaborate with XL Axiata to sign a talent development MOU together this year to continue to improve ICT talent capabilities and support to build a better ICT talent ecosystem in Indonesia.”


She added, “For over 20 year-presence in Indonesia, Huawei continuously adheres to customer-centricity and creates value for XL. It will be a long-term strategy to utilize new technology for business success. We hope that we can continue to have more collaboration for the ICT talents, ICT ecosystems and ICT future market. We believe that through long-term continuous cooperation, XL Axiata and Huawei have made breakthroughs and made progress in digital transformation, creating business value for both parties.”

“Huawei always believe that resources will be exhausted one day, but only talent and culture will survive. We hope all of youths can enjoy the training journey and benefit a lot from the future leader program,” said Catherine.

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