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CEO Message

We will celebrate this year's Eid with a different atmosphere from the previous Eid Mubarak. This is due to the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak that is still affecting Indonesia and the rest of the world. The Victory Day or known as Hari Kemenangan after a month of Ramadan fasting that we must celebrate differently.


There will be no more visits to and from friends, neighbours and relatives due to the pandemi situation, therefore silaturahmi with beloved friends, neighbours and relatives can now be replaced with the use of technology-video calls. The government has also called for a travel ban in advance to stop people from travelling to their hometown. Even Eid prayer assemblies in mosques or fields were also advised to be held off. But the most important thing is how we interpret Ramadan this time by continuing to spread kindness to others.


Certainly these issues have an influential impact on XL Axiata services. Since mid-March 2020 when working and learning from home was called for by the government, data service traffic has increased between 18% to 20%. Even though at this time, after about two months of work and study from home has been applied within most parts of Indonesia, traffic has been evened out, however it is still higher compared to normal days or situations before the pandemic. Area of ​​the traffic increase is also different from the periods leading up to and during the usual Eid holidays. Along with the enactment of the travel ban on going home, the areas where significant traffic increases also are not moving as usual.


Whatever the impact of Covid-19 on the consumption patterns of telecommunications and data services, XL Axiata is ready to overcome it. For us, providing the best service for customers is the number one priority that must be carried out. We have prepared all technical needs along with the best data networks, as well as products that have been adapted to the needs of customers in times that are economically challenging for some of our communities. We try as much as possible, so that XL Axiata services can help customers to remain productive in these current situation and conditions.


Representing XL Axiata's management and employees, I am wishing all Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1441 H. We are extending our deepest thanks and sincere apologies for any past mistakes, from us to all our customers, and the people of Indonesia. #DiRumahLebihBaik and #TerusSebarKebaikan




Dian Siswarini

President Director & CEO of PT XL Axiata Tbk

  • Corporate Action & Finance