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Customer Satisfaction First XL PRIORITAS Presents PRIO Club Service

Jakarta, 21 December 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) consistently presents various services and innovations to improve customer satisfaction and experience.  For all loyal XL PRIORITAS customers, XL Axiata presents the latest service, PRIO Club, as a form of appreciation and customer trust in XL PRIORITAS. This new service can be enjoyed by all XL PRIORITAS customers on 12 December 2023.


Chief Marketing Officer of XL Axiata, Alfons Eric Bosch Sansa said, "Customer satisfaction is one of the main indicators to know how high our ability to provide services in accordance with customer expectations. PRIO Club is one of the latest service innovations to offer various conveniences that meet the expectations of XL PRIORITAS customers who are mostly productive."


Alfons added, until the second quarter of 2023, XL Axiata's competitive Net Promoter Score (NPS) increased to 36%, which is higher than the market. XL Axiata will continue to focus on increasing NPS, with the hope of encouraging the growth of PRIORITAS customers.


Every XL PRIORITAS customer will automatically join PRIO Club and can immediately enjoy the various benefits provided from the first day the card is activated, without having to collect or redeem points first. Get the maximum benefits according to the plan chosen, starting from Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Ultima. The higher the plan you choose, the more benefits you will receive.


For customers who activate Platinum, Diamond and Ultima plans, enjoy responsive and solutive LiveChat Services directly with XL PRIORITAS Customer Service. You can convey problems, criticisms or suggestions through the LiveChat feature with the customer line taking precedence.


New Device Protection (Device PRIOtection) is also provided to customers who activate the Gold plan and above, which can provide maximum protection for your valuable devices. Submissions for device repairs can be made at authorised service centres in collaboration with PT Bolttech Device Protection Indonesia. This service applies to accidental physical damage, and can be used by all customers who purchase new devices at XL Centers or selected Erafone Stores throughout Indonesia.


PRIO Club also provides other benefits together with the following partners:

  • Bluebird E-Voucher with GoPay payment, which can be used to travel anywhere more economically, safely and conveniently.


  • Bonus 30-day access to Vidio Platinum streaming service, with more than 21 free channels and thousands of interesting contents that can be claimed on myXL.


  • Free 7-day trial of CATCHPLAY+ LITE streaming service to watch blockbuster, box office and exclusive series.


  • A 3% discount of up to IDR 400,000, with a minimum transaction of IDR 800,000 on app that makes travelling more profitable and enjoyable starting January 2024.


For the foreseeable future, PRIO Club will continue to collaborate with various other partners to come up with more and more exciting benefits.


Get more information about PRIO Club through the website to be the first to enjoy the upcoming exciting services!


Currently, XL PRIORITAS customers' convenience is also supported by the availability of network infrastructure of more than 158 thousand BTS with the majority of 4G BTS, as well as a fibre optic backbone network that stretches for more than 159 thousand km, supporting data networks spread across most of the vast Indonesian archipelago.

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