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Community Communication Activities More Convenient XL Axiata 4G Signal is Now Available Along the Jakarta MRT Line
XL Axiata has expanded its 4G LTE network throughout the Jakarta MRT underground line, both along the line and all stations since mid-August 2023. Monitoring of the increase in traffic that occurs will also continue along the Jakarta MRT line, including continuing to improve network quality to ensure customer needs are met.

Jakarta, 15 September 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) has improved service quality for customers who are also users of Jakarta MRT public transport. Since mid-August 2023, customers have been able to access XL Axiata network while underground, both at each station and along the Jakarta MRT line. Thus, customers can stay connected and productive while using Jakarta MRT service.  


Head of Network Operations Jabodetabek Region of XL Axiata, Okrisimon, said, "With the increasing importance of Jakarta MRT service for the people of Jakarta as an efficient means of public transport, we are finally able to provide XL Axiata services for all customers at all MRT Jakarta stations and underground lines. We also understand that the presence of XL Axiata network and signal in MRT Jakarta has become a necessity for customers to stay connected and productive given that MRT is widely used by workers in Jakarta's main business districts."   


Okrisimon added, for about three weeks since XL Axiata services have been present on the underground line of Jakarta MRT, there has been an increase in traffic along the MRT line by 7%. According to him, this is a very good start, XL Axiata customers immediately take advantage of the presence of network connections in Jakarta MRT. XL Axiata will continue to monitor the increase in traffic that occurs along Jakarta MRT line, including continuing to improve network quality to ensure customer needs are met.


Meanwhile, for the network along the LRT line, XL Axiata ensures the quality of 4G LTE network has all been served by XL Axiata's 4G network, both in Cibubur and Bekasi crossings. The entire LRT line including all stations have been served by more than 2,300 4G BTS.


"We have checked the quality of the XL Axiata network along the Jabodebek LRT line. So far, we can confirm that the entire LRT line including all stations both in Cibubur and Bekasi crossings are all served by 4G network. Thus, when the LRT is operational, XL Axiata customers will be able to access telecommunication and data services with good quality," Okrisimon continued.


Okrisimon said, XL Axiata's network team will continue to ensure network quality and see the potential and needs of the community or customers who will use the LRT, so that the overall XL Axiata network is ready if there is an increase in traffic when the LRT is fully operational. Currently, both LRT routes are served by more than 2,300 4G BTS.



Prime network in DKI Jakarta


XL Axiata also continues to ensure the quality of data and telecommunications networks throughout DKI Jakarta Province. As the capital city of the country that hosts various events on a national and international scale, the existence of data and telecommunications networks with good quality is very urgent. To support quality services, throughout this region XL Axiata has a total of more than 10,000 BTS, most of which are 4G BTS.


"It is a challenge for us to continue to be able to provide a quality network because the mobility of DKI Jakarta residents is very high, where good data and telecommunications services are needed to support productivity. In addition, many national and international events take place in Jakarta which require quality network readiness. In addition, Jakarta itself is also the centre of government and business, which in itself also requires qualified cellular service support," Okrisimon.


Several important events have recently taken place in Jakarta, including the 43rd ASEAN Summit 2023 and the Basketball World Cup 2023. Furthermore, other major events will take place including the U-17 Football World Cup and several concerts of world musicians including Coldplay in November 2023.


As of the end of June 2023, XL Axiata's network throughout DKI Jakarta Province has served more than 2.5 million customers with service coverage that has covered 267 urban villages, 44 districts, 5 cities and 1 regency. Meanwhile, in the last two years, the increase in network traffic in DKI Jakarta has increased by around 56% compared to 2021, and when compared to 2022, it has increased by around 21%.

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