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Axiata’s Employees Send Aid for Flood Victims in Sumatra

Mandailing Natal, 23 December 2021. Employees of PT XL Axiata Tbk through the XL Axiata Taklim Council (MTXL Axiata) distributed aid to flood-affected communities in two cities in Sumatra, namely Padang Sidempuan City and Mandailing Natal Regency (Madina). Heavy rains that hit almost the entire area of Padang Sidempuan City and Madina Regency, North Sumatra, caused river water to overflow into houses and roads. The aid distribution to the victims in the two flooded areas was handed over directly by the Territory Sales Manager of XL Axiata for the Padang Sidempuan area, Anwar Harahap, in Sidempuan City and Mandailing Natal Regency, earlier this week.

The chairman of the XL Axiata Taklim Council, Yanuar Tirta Kumaya, said, “This assistance is one of the programs of MTXL Disaster Response. We are concerned about the flood disaster occurring in Padang Sidempuan City and Mandailing Natal Regency and the surrounding areas; many residents find their homes and properties flooded. This assistance is from the zakat, infaq, and alms funds of XL Axiata's employees that are routinely collected every month and managed by the XL Axiata Taklim Council to be distributed to people who are entitled to receive it. MTXL Axiata strives to continue to spread kindness to establish friendships with community groups from various backgrounds.”

Yanuar added that assistance in the form of basic daily needs such as rice, cooking oil, tea, sugar, soy sauce, and medicines are urgently needed by the people currently affected by the floods in Padang Sidempuan City and Mandailing Natal Regency, North Sumatra. Hopefully, it will be useful for residents affected by the flood disaster.

XL Axiata continues to monitor and ensure that currently services remain normal in most flood-affected areas. The XL Axiata team strives to maintain the quality of telecommunication and data networks in disaster-affected areas, both by ensuring the operation of infrastructure and by network engineering. Anticipatory measures have been carried out by the XL Axiata technical team to deal with various possible natural disasters in many disaster-prone areas throughout the regions since the start of increasing rainfall. This needs to be done to ensure the network infrastructure condition and to distribute aid to the communities affected by disasters.

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