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Become College Area XL Axiata Maintains Quality of Data Network in Jatinangor

Jatinangor,  April 1st  2021. Jatinangor is well known as one of the college areas in the Sumedang Regency. Its location which is also close to Bandung City makes the area a favourite choice for residents to live in. There are at least 4 universities there, with a total of around 40 thousand students who come from various parts of the country. For this reason, XL Axiata places it as a priority area, especially in ensuring the quality of data and telecommunications networks.


Group Head Central Region of XL Axiata, Bambang Parikesit said, “XL Axiata pays special attention to the Jatinangor area with a fairly high community mobility, which of course cannot be separated from the existence of many universities there. During the pandemic, traffic to the use of all services in this area was also the highest in all of Sumedang Regency, which was supported mainly by high data consumption. It means that apart from students, data consumption also comes from local residents. "


Bambang added that Jatinangor is one of the districts with the most population in Sumedang Regency. As a college area, this area makes a major contribution to regional economic growth. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, every year no less than 15 thousand new students entered and lived here.


Currently, XL Axiata has more than 370 BTS in Sumedang Regency, 76% of which are 3G and 4G BTS. XL Axiata's network has reached 26 districts across the regency, including 257 villages. There are more than 230 thousand subscribers which continue to increase. In the last two years, the company has continued to expand to areas that are not yet covered by cellular service.


Meanwhile, the Jatinangor area is supported by around 50 BTS. Some of them are in the Jatinangor college area. Some BTS in Sumedang, including in Jatinangor, have been fiberised. XL Axiata continues to improve the quality of services amidst the ongoing economic recovery, especially preparing for an adequate network if at any time face-to-face lectures in the Jatinangor area begin again. 


In the last two years, XL Axiata service traffic has continued to increase by 160% and gradually reaches 35 new villages. This amount has the potential to continue to increase in line with the massive development of various infrastructures coupled with the development of toll road access in several areas in Sumedang Regency and its surroundings.


Supported by a network that has reached all districts in Sumedang Regency, XL Axiata has a number of product choices that can be utilized by the community, especially students and college students to remain productive. Of the premium prepaid products, there is AXIS Bronet which is popular among students, with quota options starting from 3GB for an active period of 60 days at a price of 15 thousand. Subscribers can enjoy a variety of bonus quotas for education, video conferencing, up to Tiktok. 


Meanwhile, XL products offer Hotrod packages starting from 3 GB for an active period of 7 days at a price of 10 thousand. There is also Xtra Combo Lite starting from 7 GB for an active period of 30 days at a price of 25 thousand. The public can enjoy access to various applications such as Whatsapp, Line, Instagram, Youtube to Netflix. 


All of these packages can be obtained at more than 500 credits outlets spread across all districts in Sumedang Regency. The public can also go directly to the official distributor of XL Axiata products Prima Multi Usaha Indonesia on Mayor Abdurahman Road No 188, Kotakeler, North Sumedang District, Sumedang Regency. Internet cards from XL and AXIS are also available in supermarkets, modern channels, to various other marketplaces.


As part of the Sumedang community, XL Axiata has also supported the distribution of data quotas for Distance Learning services since last year. From 2020 to March 2021, it was noted that XL Axiata had distributed aid to around 75 thousand students in 814 schools. XL Axiata also provided quick response assistances during natural disasters in Sumedang, including during floods and landslides that hit several districts in January 2021.

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