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XL Axiata Collaborates with Solace Apply Real-time Data Flow to Maximize the MyXL App

Jakarta, November 12th 2020. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) is partnering with a leading technology company, Solace, to maximize the MyXL application to implement a digital transformation program. Through the MyXL application, XL Axiata wants to increase better interaction with each of its customers. In this case, Solace provides event broker technology to support real-time data flow provision.


Director & Chief Information-Digital Officer of XL Axiata, Yessie D Yosetya, said, "We continue to strive to keep in line with developments by providing the best services and experiences for our customers. The partnership with Solace has helped the MyXL application to meet the level of demand in the future so that it is easier to connect with new systems and partners. Solace also supports us in the availability of new services such as 5G, a network technology that will soon bring new generations of applications to customers”.


According to Yessie, Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest number of Internet users globally. The growth of internet users in Indonesia is exponential, as is the increase in traffic. XL Axiata hopes to take advantage of this momentum by creating new business opportunities by maximizing the MyXL application.


"Our vision is to help clients continue to increase their service portfolio by relying on real-time data. We are delighted to be able to support one of Indonesia's leading telecommunications service providers in their digital transformation”, said Kent Nash, General Manager, Middle East, Asia. Pacific & Japan, Solace.


The use of event broker technology from Solace supports real-time data flow between the mobile application and the XL Axiata microservice. This technology enables XL Axiata to deliver a better, more responsive, and fully featured MyXL application. In the end, this application will also be able to present various new experiences for XL Axiata customers through existing collaborations with restaurants, hotels, and others.


Before implementing event broker technology from Solace, the MyXL previously application had a service-oriented architecture. However, XL Axiata must re-evaluate its IT infrastructure so that it can serve the spike in data consumption volume that occurs due to the high interest of customers and the public towards online video and social media and more affordable internet package prices.


By implementing an event-driven architecture, XL Axiata is assisted in handling all transaction data related to data services, then distributing it to several relevant systems via one centralized platform. With a cloud-friendly system that integrates various systems and clouds, XL Axiata is now easier to connect with its partners and modernize its analytical infrastructure to make it more real-time. As a result, a more targeted and personalized customer experience is possible.


Kent Nash added that XL Axiata can now provide better data services for Indonesian customers. This partnership with XL Axiata is a new achievement for Solace in the Asia Pacific, and we want to continue to support more companies that want to realize real-time responsiveness.


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