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"Sisternet Goes To Campus" Invite Tanjungpura University Female Students to Overcome Bullying
One of the reasons XL Axiata raised the theme related to bullying refers to Unicef 2022 data, that 45% of 2,777 children claimed to have been victims of cyber-bullying. The saddest fact is that this action most often occurs and is found in school and campus environments, which are supposed to be educational institutions.

Pontianak, 14 November 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) held a "Sisternet Goes To Campus" program at Tanjungpura University, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. With the theme "Recognise, Realise and Overcome Bullying", XL Axiata invited more than 2,000 Tanjungpura University female students to open their horizons and together discuss a number of women's issues, and find solutions. Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of XL Axiata, Marwan O. Baasir together with the Vice Rector for Cooperation of Tanjungpura University, Dr. rer.nat. Ir. R. M. Rustamaji, M.T., IPU opened the event at Tanjungpura University Auditorium, Tuesday (14/11).


The event was attended by more than 2,000 female students and also presented Actress Marshanda, Content Creator, Gritte Agatha, and psychologist also Puteri Indonesia Jambi 2019 - Offie Natalia. Also present at this event were female figures Yanieta Arbiastuti who is the wife of Mayor of Pontianak, who also serves as Chairperson of PKK Movement Team and Chairperson of Pontianak City Dekranasda, as well as Head of Youth Marketing Communication of XL Axiata, Nahdiah Estu Pawestri.   


Marwan O. Baasir said, "The Sisternet Goes To Campus program is a form of joint commitment in an effort to expand digital literacy among Indonesian youth and women. One of the reasons XL Axiata raised the theme related to bullying refers to Unicef 2022 data, that 45% of 2,777 children claimed to have been victims of cyber-bullying. The saddest fact is that this action most often occurs and is found in the school and campus environments, where educational institutions should be a place for everyone to gain knowledge in a in peace and tranquillity."


Marwan added, XL Axiata is present in the midst of female students to continue trying to reduce the impact of bullying and cyber-bullying cases on Indonesian women. This is done by providing digital literacy education, supported by convergence services with the best cybersecurity for data privacy and internet network security. In addition, XL Axiata also supports the acceleration of digital literacy of Indonesian women.


Bullying is one of the social problems that often occurs in Indonesia, be it among children, teenagers and adults. In general, forms of violence against others are divided into 4 types, namely, verbal bullying, physical bullying, relational bullying and cyber-bullying.


Meanwhile, R. M Rustamaji said, "At Tanjungpura University, we believe that opening opportunities and broadening horizons are important things to always do, especially for female students. We believe every female student has the potential to become an irreplaceable pillar of strength in the family, society and in all areas of life. However, sometimes, they have to face invisible challenges, casting a long shadow of trauma on their lives. The issue of bullying is not a trivial matter. It is not just physical, but also psychological, emotional and social."


R. M Rustamaji added, through this "Sisternet Goes To Campus" event, it not only highlights the issue of bullying, but also creates a safe space for students to feel heard, supported and empowered. Together, Tanjungpura University wants to create an environment where every woman feels she has a voice that is heard, feels treated with respect, and has solid confidence. 


Sisternet Goes to Campus, which carries the tagline #AllSupportWomen, is based on Sisternet's aspiration to create an ecosystem that supports women to be better, together with the support of all, and by applying the values of XL Axiata's women's empowerment program to grow together and play an active role in supporting Indonesia to advance through the use of digital and technology. 



Indonesian women are digitally savvy and economically independent


XL Axiata through the Sisternet program is present as one of XL Axiata's CSR programs to make Indonesian women digitally proficient and economically independent. With Sisternet's mission to reach 1 million go-digital women, Sisternet continues to innovate by providing educational classes and the latest features of Sisternet application for various interests of Indonesian women such as business, digital marketing, sharing, beauty and others to increase the digital literacy of Indonesian women.



Women's MSMEs in Pontianak City.


Along with the Sisternet Goes to Campus talk show event, 15 women MSMEs in Pontianak City were also invited. The 15 MSMEs are assisted by Sisternet and have participated in a number of MSME product development trainings held by XL Axiata. The 15 MSMEs are MSMEs Teman Negemilku, Pempek Lebuana, Kerupuk Basah Enduls, Hap Kimbab by Ngelahap, and Gerai Tionly producing snacks, and MSMEs FSA Boutique, Shaqierra Collection, HAE.BRACELET,, Yang Ciamik, CEBC, QL Cosmetic, You Deserve It and Withijab producing a variety of fashion and souvenirs, as well as MSMEs from Penggadaian.


There was a 30% increase in product production productivity, 75% in using digital marketing and 13% increase in turnover for women small business owners after they joined Sisternet's guidance, and regularly joined educational classes on the use of digital facilities that had been prepared. The information presented is not only about business development materials but also discusses the daily life of women with families and inspiring stories from women who have succeeded in their businesses. Sisternet information and excitement can also be found on social media through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms. 


Sisternet also comes in the form of an application available on Android and iOs which includes many features, such as educational articles, various webinar classes with interesting topics, educational forums through smart discussions, Sister stores which are promotional slots for Sisternet-assisted women MSMEs, and also free web banners that can be used for promotion.

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