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XL Axiata 4G Network Supports the Implementation of the Tour de Aceh 2022
Year after year, XL Axiata has added BTS in various regions in Aceh province, bringing the total number of BTS to 2100 by March 31, 2022, including 1200 4G BTS. A number of paths traversed by the participants of the "Tour de Aceh 2022" in several districts have also been reached by the 4G network.

Takengon, 12 May 2022.  PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to strengthen XL Axiata's 4G network in Aceh Province, including Banda Aceh City, Aceh Besar District, Pidie District, Bireuen District, and Central Aceh District. Strengthening XL Axiata's 4G network is XL Axiata's effort to participate in supporting government programs in providing quality data network infrastructure to accelerate equitable distribution of national development in remote areas. The existence of the XL Axiata network in several cities/districts will also support the "Tour de Aceh 2022" bicycle racing event which will take place May 14-16, 2022 in Takengon and Banda Aceh - Aceh Besar.

"XL Axiata continues to expand the 4G network in Aceh province in an effort to support tourism  and the regional economy, as well as increase people's digital literacy," said Desy Sari Dewi, Group Head of XL Axiata West Region. From year to year, XL Axiata has introduced BTS in several Aceh province regions, bringing our total number of BTS to 2,100, including 1,200 4G BTS as of March 31, 2022. Most of the main routes connecting Banda Aceh to Takengon in Central Aceh through several districts have also been covered by the 4G network.”

Desi added that in the last two years, the highest traffic increase occurred mainly in Bireuen District, Aceh Besar District, and Aceh Tamiang District. In the three areas, traffic increased between 139% to 520%. Therefore, network strengthening is also carried out to improve service quality. According to him, the growth of data traffic cannot be separated from the increasing digital activities of the community which are increasingly becoming part of their daily lives. In addition, the number of customers throughout Aceh continues to grow, currently there are more than 666 thousand subscribers.

Specifically in Central Aceh Regency, Pidie Regency, Bireuen Regency, Aceh Besar Regency, and Banda Aceh City, XL Axiata's 4G BTS has a total of around 720 units. In total throughout Aceh, the number of 4G BTS as of March 31, 2022 throughout Aceh has increased by 450 from the same period last year. Also throughout Aceh Province, XL Axiata's 4G network has reached 22 districts/cities, 187 sub-districts, and 4220 villages/kelurahan.


The celebration of the Tour de Aceh 2022 itself is a bicycle racing competition which is attended by around 200 cyclists, participants also come from North Sumatra, Riau and come from a number of regions. Tour de Aceh 2022 in the first stage will surround Lake Laut Tawar Takengon with an estimated distance of 50 kilometers, participants will also fight for the title of King Of Mountain (KOM). Then in the second stage, participants will go on a tour starting from Mount Kulu Aceh Besar to race to the finish at the Aceh-Banda Aceh Museum with an estimated race track length of 38 kilometers.


Special promo for XL Axiata products in Aceh


Currently, there are product promos that can be used by customers and the public in Aceh to access data services on the 4G network, namely XL and AXIS at very affordable prices. The public and customers will benefit from data bundles ranging from 3GB to 55GB with this offering. The data package can be used to support community productivity, including to support MSMEs, students, private sector employees, and government officials.


Head of Sales XL Axiata North Sumatra Outer - Aceh, Oloan Monang Sinambela, said, "To ensure that people and customers can easily get XL Axiata products, both XL and AXIS, currently throughout Aceh there are 2,800 credit shops that provide XL Axiata products. These stores are located in villages that are already covered by XL Axiata. Customers can acquire information and file complaints at these distribution network outlets, which the store manager will then forward it to XL Axiata customer service.”


Meanwhile, people in Banda Aceh City can come to the XL Center on Jalan Mr. Dr. Mohd. Hasan, Batoh, Lueng Bata, Landom, Banda Aceh City. XL Axiata will continue to make it easier for the public and customers to obtain products and services for complaints.

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