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XL Axiata Continues to Expand Network, XL Axiata Network Covers 5,102 Villages in Aceh Province

Banda Aceh, 26 July 2021. Along with the continued increase in data traffic in all areas of Aceh Province, PT. XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) also continues to strengthen its network in the region. In the province, which is located on the western tip of Sumatra Island, currently XL Axiata's network has reached 193 districts or 68% of all sub-districts in 23 cities/districts, and reached a total of 5,102 villages or 73% of villages in the province. Network strengthening is carried out, both to improve service quality in existing areas, as well as expansion to new areas, including in the surrounding islands.


XL Axiata West Region Group Head, Desy Sari Dewi, said, “Traffic of data services use continues to grow around 138% in the last two years throughout the Aceh region. Therefore, we are also trying to expand the network in all areas, including in the interior, such as Central Aceh, Naga Raya, South Aceh, West Aceh, Southeast Aceh, and Bener Meriah, because the existence of data and telecommunications services there is very urgent to support the local community's economy. . In the last year, there have been additional BTS of approximately 73 4G BTS in all provinces."


Desi said that in the last two years, the highest increase in traffic occurred mainly in Bireuen, Aceh Besar, and Banda Aceh City. In all three areas, traffic increased between 105% and 154%. Therefore, network strengthening is also carried out to improve service quality. Specifically for the Pidie Regency area, 38 4G BTS have been added. According to him, the growth of data traffic cannot be separated from the increasing digital activity of the community which is increasingly becoming a part of their daily life. In addition, the number of customers throughout Aceh continues to grow, where currently there are more than 325 thousand subscribers.


To support services throughout Aceh Province, XL Axiata operates a total of more than 1,850 BTS, including around 825 4G BTS and 635 3G BTS. This number also includes BTS serving customers on remote islands such as Simeulue, Sabang, Breuh, and Nasi, all of which are located in the waters of the Indian Ocean.


“For us, Aceh Province is very challenging. The area is quite wide with terrain that is not easy to be able to deploy the network. Many areas are quite remote, both on islands and on the mainland. Some districts also have locations that we can categorize as inland. Nevertheless, we do not hesitate to continue to expand the network here, as support for the government's vision to accelerate as well as distribute development evenly," Desy continued


In addition, Desy also did not hesitate to convince the people of Aceh to use XL Axiata services because efforts to strengthen the network will continue throughout the year, both to improve signal quality in areas which already served, as well as expansion to new areas. In terms of products, XL Axiata provides data service packages through XL and AXIS cards that are tailored to the needs of various customer segments.


For school and college students, among others, there is AXIS BOY which can be a means to support learning activities from home during the pandemic. This package is very affordable, the price is only Rp. 10 thousand, customers can get quotas starting from 2 GB for an active period of 60 days. With this package, customers can get various bonus quotas for education which can also be obtained by customers, such as Udemy, Ruang Guru, Zenius, and Sekolahmu. Conference quotas such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangout, and Google Classroom.


Meanwhile for XL card customers, there is a choice of Xtra Combo Lite packages starting from 3GB with a price range of Rp. 10 thousand to 40 GB for an active period of 30 days with a price range of Rp. 62 thousand. This package provides access to various applications that support work productivity and entertainment, such as Whatsapp, Line, Instagram, Youtube to Netflix. Meanwhile, for postpaid services, XL Prioritas offers the superior product myPRIO X Unlimited which consists of Silver X, Gold X, Platinum X, Diamond X, and Ultima X with prices starting from Rp. 80 thousand. One of the advantages is that you can enjoy unlimited internet access.


All XL Axiata product packages can be obtained at more than 2,800 credit shops spread across all districts in Aceh Province. The public can get information about XL Axiata products in these stores. Meanwhile, for the people in Banda Aceh City can come to the XL Center on Jalan Mr. Dr. Mohd. Hasan, Batoh, Lueng Bata, Landom, Banda Aceh City. XL Axiata will continue to make it easier for the public and customers to get products and services for complaints.

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