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Impact of Natural Disasters XL Axiata Ensures the Network is 100% Operating Normally

Jakarta, February 25th 2021. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) ensures that all networks in a number of locations affected by natural disasters have recovered 100%, including in Jabodetabek due to flooding earlier this week. Of the total of around 35 thousand BTS in Jabodetabek area, only less than 1% were affected by the flood on 20-22 of February 2021. Currently the network in the area is fully operational and XL Axiata team in the field has also confirmed all infrastructures affected by the flood are in good condition. XL Axiata's network has also recovered in areas affected by major floods in South Kalimantan, Central Java and West Java as well as the earthquake-affected network in West Sulawesi.


Director & Chief Technology Officer of XL Axiata I Gede Darmayusa said, “Part of XL Axiata network in the disaster area was affected by the blackout and the mobilization of the generator set could not run smoothly because the terrain affected by the disaster. This happened whether it was hit by a flood or an earthquake. Only a small proportion of the devices were physically damaged, for example, submerged in water or an earthquake. So if there is a BTS in a flooded area that has gone out, it does not mean that it is submerged, or collapsed due to the earthquake, but because the electricity went out. Various hard work and preventive efforts carried out by the technical team in maintaining network performance succeeded in reducing the number of BTS affected by the flood, so that only about 1% of the total BTS in Jabodetabek.”


Some of the preventive steps that have been taken by the XL Axiata team include relocating vital equipment to higher ground, as well as redesigning the placement and construction of BTS shelters in a position higher than the surface. When flooding is unavoidable, the technical team also ensures the availability of power in the BTS affected by the flood and prepares a portable generator for backup of BTS affected by a power cut.


 “Meanwhile, during the flood, the team in the field working day and night swiftly visited BTS locations that were either flooded or with flood access to ensure that XL Axiata network was back to normal. In fact, given the uncertain weather conditions, until now our team is still on alert. We also conduct network transfer engineering from the network control centre to back up the affected network.”


Gede added that the network conditions in West Sulawesi and West Java had fully recovered since early February 2021. Meanwhile, for several areas, especially in Semarang, Central Java and South Kalimantan, XL Axiata team is still trying to maintain network performance. There are about 2% of BTS located in major flood locations out of a total of about 3,300 BTS in South Kalimantan. Meanwhile, BTS at the location of West Sulawesi earthquake were around 19% of the total BTS in the province, especially in Mamuju and Majene. In Central Java and West Java, there are about 1% of BTS in the flood locations in both provinces, including in Pekalongan, Semarang, Demak, Subang and Majalengka.


Distribution of aid


In order to ease the burden on Jabodetabek residents who were hit by floods, XL Axiata has distributed emergency aid in the form of basic food packages. Distribution was carried out on 22-23 of February 2021 at a number of points, including in West Jakarta, South Jakarta, North Jakarta and East Jakarta. Also in Tangerang area such as Ciledug Indah, Kampung Total Persada and Garden City Residence. In Bekasi, this is done in Jati Mekar, as well as in the border area between Cikarang and Karawang, to be precise in Pebayuran District.

Meanwhile in West Sulawesi, aid was distributed to the areas of Majene and Mamuju which were hardest hit, where thousands of residents were displaced. The donations distributed were in the form of food, mineral water, medicines, masks, hand sanitizers, tents, mats, and baby needs. In addition, XL Axiata team also installed routers at several evacuation points to make it easier for residents and officials to access data and internet services.

The same assistances were also distributed in a number of flood-affected areas in Semarang and Pekalongan, Central Java as well as in Subang and Majalengka, West Java. Apart from distributing basic necessities and PPE assistance, XL Axiata team also established a free telephone service at Subang flood victims' post. For flood-affected areas in South Kalimantan, improving accommodation facilities to remote areas is also a concern considering that most of the access is closed due to flooding. In cooperation with local residents, improvements to facilities were specifically carried out around the protected forest area of Meratus Village, Hantakan District, Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency, South Kalimantan.

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