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Enhancing Security and Customer Experience, Indonesian Telecom Operators to Launch Three Service APIs Through the GSMA Open Gateway Initiative

Jakarta, 22 February 2024. As part of the global GSMA Open Gateway initiative, four prominent Indonesian telecommunications operators - Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, XL Axiata, and Smartfren – have announced the launch of three Application Programming Interface (API) services: Number Verify, SIM Swap, and Device Location. These API services are focused on enhancing security and customer experience. The GSMA Open Gateway initiative is a framework of common network APIs designed to provide enterprise developers with universal access to operator networks. It will help developers and businesses accelerate the growth of digital services and apps for customers by ensuring they work seamlessly with the country’s leading mobile networks and hundreds of others worldwide.


Wong Soon Nam, Director of Planning and Transformation of Telkomsel, said, “This collaborative endeavor, driven by the spirit of togetherness, reflects Telkomsel's commitment to pioneering innovations collectively using the latest evolving technology to support the nation’s digital economy and technological progress. This initiative among Indonesian telecommunications companies aims to establish interconnections among operators, potentially propelling advancements in the telecommunications industry and delivering enhanced value to our customers through digital platforms and services, thus contributing to the nation's progress. This joint initiative also underscores our dedication to delivering an improved digital experience for our customers and facilitating cross-industry digital transformation, which is crucial for enhancing business productivity, efficiency, and security."


Sanjeev Rawat, Chief Digital Officer of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, expressed, "This collaboration stands as an example of the commitment demonstrated by telecommunications companies across Indonesia to driving economic growth through innovative technology and digitalization efforts. This echoes the collaborative spirit that Indosat champions in its pursuit of delivering an exceptional digital experience, facilitating meaningful connections, and empowering Indonesian communities."


Yessie D. Yosetya, Director and Chief Enterprise Business and Corporate Affairs Officer of XL Axiata added, ''API Telco harmonization is achieved through fast and agile work and is supported by developer-friendly documentation. CAMARA enables standardized, easy, and seamless access by simplifying the complexity of telecom networks through Telco APIs and making them available across different telecom networks and countries.”


Chief of New Business Development Smartfren for Business, Hermansyah continued, “This collaborative solution not only signifies the partnership among telecom operators but also embodies the spirit of sharing and active participation in advancing Indonesia's progress. Its objective is to bolster the technological infrastructure, ensuring Indonesia's continued competitiveness in the global market."


Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA, said, “It’s fantastic to see Indonesia, one of the world’s largest mobile markets,  driving digital innovation through the GSMA Open Gateway initiative. The initiative will bring new digital services and immersive technologies to market faster, and it will also help the country’s digital developers and technology community access new markets and offer their services to customers worldwide.”


Indonesia's telecom operators are set to roll out three service APIs, starting with Number Verify, which streamlines mobile number verification for users, ensuring robust authentication and a seamless experience, addressing issues like SMS delivery failures or user technology challenges. SIM Swap will detect recent changes in SIM cards associated with a phone number, crucial for preventing account takeovers, especially during financial transactions. Device Location enables organizations to confirm a device's specific location, enhancing fraud detection and accuracy for services like delivery apps, while also thwarting GPS manipulation and fraudulent activities.


The utilization of the GSMA Open Gateway initiative has demonstrated its value in the development of a variety of solutions. Through this collaborative initiative, it is expected that all operators will contribute to nurturing sustainable growth in the Indonesian telecommunications industry, delivering enhanced value to society through a diverse spectrum of solutions that are not only faster and more secure but also better equipped to support digital lifestyles and the adoption of cutting-edge technology.


The GSMA Open Gateway initiative was launched in February 2023 by the mobile industry and the GSMA – a global association uniting mobile operators, technology firms, and related industries. Some 42 mobile operator groups worldwide, representing 237 mobile networks and 65% of global connections worldwide, are now part of the GSMA Open Gateway initiative. The open-source framework ensures consistent, interoperable access to mobile networks through the standards-based CAMARA repository, a Linux Foundation project that aims to define, develop, and test APIs. This collaborative effort by Indonesian operators seeks to deliver additional benefits to society, foster the growth of an inclusive and equitable digital ecosystem, and contribute to advancing the nation's digital landscape.

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