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XL Axiata Continues to Expand Coverage of VoLTE Service Now Presents in 224 Cities/Regencies

Jakarta, 19 July 2021. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to expand the range of the Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) service area. As of June 2021, Voice services through this high-speed data network can be enjoyed by subscribers in 224 Cities / Regencies spread in Sumatra, Bangka, Java, Madura, Bali, Lombok and Kalimantan. Since its first launched in August 2020, the number of subscribers who used this service continued to increase, as well as smartphone penetration with VoLTE capabilities on 4G service users.


Technology Director of XL Axiata, I Gede Darmayusa said, "We continue to expand the range of VoLTE services in line with the network conditioning plan for the VoLTE that we have done in stages. To be able to hold a VoLTE in an area, we need to prepare the network first. Meanwhile, in the determination of the city / regency which is the target of the expansion of VoLTE services, among others, based on the demand for high voice services with the amount of availability of high VoLTE support devices, and the expansion of the cities currently enjoyed VoLTE services from XL Axiata.”


Gede added subscribers who have actively using VoLTE have reached more than 50% of the total subscribers who have been registered on XL Axiata VoLTE network. XL Axiata management optimistic VoLTE service will get a warm welcome from subscribers given the advantages of the benefits offered, namely better sound quality, faster connecting speed, and also quality video services. Subscribers can also enjoy VoLTE services and data services simultaneously.


VoLTE or Voice Over LTE is a conversation (voice) or telephone service via LTE (Long Term Evolution) data network. With VoLTE, Voice service becomes better where the sound quality becomes very clear. XL Axiata continues to prepare network infrastructure in the next city / regency to support VoLTE services at the next stage. In order for subscribers to enjoy the quality of excellent sound service, XL Axiata needs to do a thorough network optimization so it is completely ready for VoLTE services.


XL Axiata (XL, AXIS and XL Priority) subscribers which have fulfilled the requirements can directly enjoy XL Axiata VoLTE services without the need to register or buy certain packages. Rates that apply are in accordance with the regular telephone tariff or package quota that is being used by the subscriber. For the best experience, XL users can use the Xtra Combo package or priority can use MyPRIO X Unlimited, where in addition to getting internet quota, subscribers can also voice call quotas to all operators that can be used to enjoy XL Axiata VoLTE services. While for AXIS users, XL Axiata VoLTE services can be enjoyed using the Curhat or Kangen voice call packages.


In addition, subscribers also don't need a special SIM card to be able to use VoLTE. Subscribers only need to ensure that they have used the USIM type SIM card which is now needed to enjoy 4G data services. Subscribers need to ensure that they are in the XL Axiata VoLTE area, use a mobile phone that has received software updates for XL Axiata VoLTE with a 4G SIM card. For the area and type of smartphone can be seen on the website .


XL Axiata has collaborated with a number of smartphone manufacturers to ensure the availability of smartphones that supports XL Axiata VoLTE services, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Advan, and Evercoss. The number of smartphones that supports XL Axiata VoLTE services will continue to grow to facilitate subscribers to get better quality conversation services while still enjoying a smooth data connection. Selected subscribers with smartphones that have supported XL Axiata VoLTE and in the XL Axiata VoLTE service area will automatically receive notifications from XL Axiata to be able to immediately activate the VoLTE services.


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