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Gearing Up for the 2024 Eid Long Holiday XL Axiata Prepared for Increased Service Demand
XL Axiata has readied their network to serve and maintain customer satisfaction during the long Eid holiday. Anticipating a 10% - 20% rise in usage compared to usual days, XL Axiata has conducted network tests along key routes, including the Trans Java and Trans Sumatra toll roads.

Jakarta, March 30, 2024. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) has prepared their dependable telecommunications and data network in preparation for Ramadan and Eid 2024. Strengthening the telecommunications network is essential to anticipate a potential surge in data usage during the long Eid holiday. Consequently, XL Axiata conducted network assessments along key routes for those returning to their hometowns in various regions, including in the Sumatra region. XL Axiata management foresees a 10% - 20% uptick in service usage throughout the Eid holiday.


I Gede Darmayusa, XL Axiata Director & Chief Technology Officer, stated, "During Eid, we, as a telecommunications and data operator, face significant challenges due to the surge in traffic.  Besides the increased usage, we also encounter difficulties with people moving from busy areas to various locations, particularly in Java cities and tourist spots. Therefore, in addition to expanding capacity, we must implement effective traffic engineering strategies to prevent congestion in these high-traffic areas.”


Gede mentioned that the rise in traffic during Eid is due to more Indonesians engaging in digital activities, like staying connected or celebrating the holiday online, and accessing various forms of information and entertainment. He noted that XL Axiata's traffic gradually increased by about 5% on average during Ramadan compared to regular days. Moreover, it's expected to keep rising, reaching 10% - 15% during Eid and possibly peaking at around 20%.


Aside from boosting capacity, other preparatory measures involve optimizing the network by considering potential movements of people or customers during Eid holiday. Certain areas, typically popular for homecomings and tourism, especially in Java, will receive special attention for this purpose.


"Currently, on a typical day, XL Axiata’s data network is actually sufficient to serve the existing traffic. However, to ensure it can manage future surges, we plan to increase capacity by 2-3 times the normal level," Gede explained.



The XL Axiata network team has adjusted the network to match trends in the use of various types of services, especially data services, homecoming traditions, and customer movements during the long Eid holiday. They are also considering the availability of new toll road infrastructure in several areas that the public will be able to use during the Eid holiday.


XL Axiata has readied resources, including a standby technical team to monitor the network 24/7, as well as a field team ready for immediate deployment. Additionally, a mobile BTS fleet of around 94 units was also deployed to support network strengthening in various locations prone to traffic congestion. Network conditions are monitored from the XL Axiata head office through the Customer Experience & Service Operation Center (CESOC) monitoring facility across all operational areas.


In addition to ensuring the network and technical team are ready to support customer comfort during Eid, XL Axiata has set up a team to handle customer service and complaints, with approximately 500 officers available through call center and digital care services. This customer service operates 24/7, allowing customers customers to reach out for assistance or lodge complaints through various channels such as the XL Center online service, Call Center, and Digital Care Maya service accessible via the myXL and AXISnet applications, as well as digital platforms like email, Facebook, Instagram, and Live Chat. Moreover, customers can also visit XL Centers, with approximately 92 located across various cities in Indonesia. Some XL Centers, situated in shopping centers or malls, will remain open on the second day of Eid. Starting from the third day of Eid, XL Center services will resume normal operating hours.



Improving Network Along Sumatra and Java Homecoming Routes


XL Axiata ensures that most major homecoming routes have reliable 4G LTE data networks. XL Axiata regularly enhances network quality to accommodate increased traffic, which includes adding new BTS, expanding fiber optic networks and BTS capacity, and optimizing the network. This expansion aims to ensure services reach areas with significant economic potential, including those connected to the Trans Sumatra Toll road.


Along the Trans Sumatra Palembang – Lampung toll road, one of Sumatra's busiest routes and a key path for Eid homecomings, XL Axiata has installed about 59 4G BTS. Recently, approximately 10 additional 4G BTS were added along the toll road connecting South Sumatra with Lampung and onward to Java, specifically in the Ogan Komering Ilir and South Lampung areas. Additionally, capacity was increased for 195 BTS located across several districts, including South Lampung, Central Lampung, Ogan Ilir, Ogan Komering Ilir, Pesawaran, West Tulangbawang, and Palembang City.


In the past two years, traffic on the Palembang – Lampung Toll Road, spanning 373 km, has surged by 54%. In addition to Palembang and Lampung Trans Sumatra toll roads, XL Axiata is also expanding BTS coverage on various other Trans Sumatra toll roads, including newly developed sections.



Strengthening network infrastructure, including optimizing, increasing network capacity, monitoring customer experience, is also carried out by XL Axiata along Java’s main routes, both toll and non-toll, as well as along railway lines, by preparing a network capacity 2-3 times larger than usual. Currently, over 2,800 4G BTS support services along the 979 km Trans Java Toll Road.


Attention is also given to crowded locations during long holidays, including tourist spots and transportation hubs like shopping centers and departure points for land, air, and sea travel.


Currently, XL Axiata serves over 57 million customers with support from over 160,000 BTS, mostly 4G. XL Axiata’s fiber optic network spans over 159,000 km, covering the Indonesian archipelago. XL Axiata invests in fiber networks, transmission, and other upgrades to enhance stability, capacity, and data service quality amid rising data traffic.

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