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Support the Success of International Event XL Axiata 4G Network Ready to Support the Event of World Superbike in Mandalika
Currently, in Lombok, XL Axiata's 4G network has been available to serve customers in 598 villages, 54 districts and 5 regencies/cities. In total there are more than 4,000 BTS throughout Lombok, with around 2,300 of them 4G BTS.

Mataram, 10 November 2022. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) ensures that the 4G network in Lombok is in prime condition and ready to welcome the 2022 World Superbike (WSBK) at the Mandalika Circuit, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), 12-13 November 2022. There are at least 10 4G BTS that have been prepared to cover the entire Mandalika, including the circuit and the supporting areas around it, in which there are dozens of large and small hotels, restaurants, and various other tourism supports. XL Axiata also provides a 5G network around the circuit area by utilizing dynamics spectrum sharing (DSS), as well as alerting 3 units of mobile BTS to anticipate traffic spikes during the world racing event.


Director & Chief Technology Officer of XL Axiata, I Gede Darmayusa, said, "XL Axiata as the operator with the largest number of customers in Lombok is committed to participating in providing full support for the second WSBK event in Mandalika, by providing adequate 4G and 5G networks by needs. The potential for traffic spikes at the WSBK event is very large considering that this racing event is very popular with the Indonesian people at large, not to mention the potential presence of spectators from abroad. As more people come to the area, the need for quality telecommunications and data networks will certainly increase.”


Gede added, specifically for BTSs that reach the Mandalika circuit area, XL Axiata will apply the latest technology, namely Massive MIMO. With this technology in the future, it can provide better data services because it can increase data capacity.


According to Gede again, improvement of the 4G network quality is not only limited to Mandalika. XL Axiata is also expanding its 4G network to all corners of Lombok, both for improving the quality of data and voice services in urban areas, as well as expanding to previously unreachable areas. Currently, XL Axiata's 4G network is available to serve customers in 598 villages, 54 districts, and 5 regencies/cities in Lombok.



In total there are more than 4,000 BTS throughout Lombok, with around 2,300 of them 4G BTS. The number of 4G BTS will continue to increase considering that currently XL Axiata is also still expanding in all regencies in Lombok.


“The existence of the 4G network in Mandalika and all villages in Lombok is also an implementation of XL Axiata's commitment to help increase digital literacy for people who live in remote rural areas. The availability of a quality internet network and increasing digital literacy will boost productivity and help people adapt to various means of the digital economy,” said Gede.


In addition to the expansion and addition of BTS, XL Axiata also continues to increase its 4G network capacity both in terms of radio and transmission, as well as through fiberization. Now most of the 571 BTS in Lombok have been fiberized and will continue to increase. Meanwhile, since the beginning of 2021 until now around BTS, it has been increased in capacity. In the last two years, XL Axiata's data traffic in Lombok has increased by 82%.


In some of the most popular tourist areas in Lombok, XL Axiata also specifically ensures the quality of the data network. XL Axiata has prepared 5 4G BTS in Sembalun, 1 4G BTS at Pink Beach East Lombok, 5 4G BTS in Gili Trawangan, 1 4G BTS in Sade Village, 20 4G BTS in Sengigi, and 19 4G BTS in Narmada. Meanwhile, to support the needs of Mataram as the largest and busiest city, XL Axiata operates 145 BTS, while at Lombok International Airport Zainuddin Abdul Madjid, it has operated 1 4G BTS and Lembar Port 5 BTS 4G.


All 19 popular tourist villages as tourist destinations have also been served by  XL Axiata 4G network, including Selong Belanak Village, Kopang Rembiga Village, Bilibante Village, Aik Dareq Village, Kembang Kuning Village, Sembalun Village, and Pringgasela Village. Then Seruni Mumbul Village, Sembalun Bumbung Village, Paremas Village, Sugian Village, Mamben Baru Village, Senaru Village, Malaka Village, Jenggala Village, Pemenang Barat Village, Sesaot Village, Sekotong Tengah Village and Sedau Village. With the available capacity and infrastructure, XL Axiata is optimistic that it will be able to provide maximum telecommunication and data services in these tourist areas.


Currently, the XL Axiata network for the entire NTB area is supported by more than 5,600 BTS, including more than 3,100 4G BTS. XL Axiata's 4G LTE network also continues to expand, and XL Axiata continues to invest in fiber networks, transmission, backhaul, network modernization, and various other network upgrades to improve stability, network capacity, and service quality in line with the continued increase in data service traffic.







VoLTE Network of XL Axiata in Lombok



XL Axiata continues to expand its Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service area coverage. As of October 2022, voice services through this high-speed data network have been able to be enjoyed in almost all of Indonesia, including Lombok. VoLTE is a voice or telephone service over an LTE (Long Term Evolution) data network. With VoLTE voice services become better where the voice quality becomes very clear. XL Axiata continues to prepare network infrastructure in the next city/regency to support VoLTE services in the next stage. In order for customers to enjoy excellent voice service quality, XL Axiata needs to optimize the network thoroughly so that it is truly ready for VoLTE services.


Regional Group Head of XL Axiata East Region, Dodik Ariyanto said, "With VoLTE technology in Lombok, XL Axiata hopes that people can be more comfortable in communicating via voice or telephone services. By activating VoLTE service on a smartphone, customers will connect faster and have clearer voice and uninterrupted data access even when they are receiving a call.”


Customers can immediately enjoy XL Axiata VoLTE services without the need to register or buy certain packages. The applicable tariff is by the regular call rate or package quota currently being used by the customer. For the best experience, customers can use the Xtra Combo package where in addition to getting internet and YouTube quota, customers can also get a bonus of call quota to all operators that can be used to enjoy XL Axiata VoLTE services.


In addition, customers also do not need a special SIM card to be able to use VoLTE. Customers only need to make sure that they have used a USIM-type SIM card which is currently required in order to enjoy 4G data services. Customers need to ensure that they are in the VoLTE XL Axiata area, using a mobile phone that has received the software update for VoLTE XL Axiata with a 4G SIM card. The area and type of smartphone can be seen on the website

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