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XL Axiata Operates USO 4G Telecommunication Network in Pesisir Barat Lampung to Support Equitable Development

Krui, January 16th 2020. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) is strongly committed to supporting the government in accelerating and channeling development to outermost, disadvantaged, and remote regions (3T) in Sumatra. Through the Universal Service Obligation (USO) scheme, XL Axiata once again provides 4G network in a 3T region, this time in Bandar Dalam Village, Bengkunat Belimbing District, Pesisir Barat (Western Coast) Regency, Lampung. Pesisir Barat Regent Dr. Drs. Agus Istiqlal, S.H, M.H and Pesisir Barat Communication and Information Division Head, Elvin Yolanda, S.IP MM were present during the official inauguration of the USO BTS on Tuesday (14/1).


The event was also attended by Bandar Dalam Peratin (Village Chief), Rudi Mailano, local community leaders, and XL Axiata Lampung-Sumsel Outer-Bengkulu region Head of Sales, Budi Utama Lubis along with XL Axiata Head Sustainability & Internal Communication , Andy Satrio Yuddho.


XL Axiata West Region Group Head, Desy Sari Dewi said, “XL Axiata currently operates more than 10 BTS from the USO Program in all of Sumatera and nearby islands, all of which are 4G capable. In December 2019, we had just begun operating USO BTS in Natuna Regency, Seluma Regency, Bengkulu, and Musi Rawas Utara Regency, South Sumatera. All these USO BTS are part of the construction and operation of USO networks in a total of 289 locations in various provinces carried out by XL Axiata throughout 2019."


Desy is hoping that the presence of 4G data network in every area, including Bandar Dalam Village on the Western Coast, will help drive local economy forward. Local residents may utilize it to promote their region’s economic potential, or to increase productivity in various sectors such as small and medium businesses. The 4G data service network will also facilitate them in accessing information in ways that are equivalent to other regions.


Pesisir Barat has a potential for tourism, especially beach tourism. Many tourists, both domestic and foreign, are visiting the region to enjoy the beauty of its beaches and also surf in its waves. Additionally, Pesisir Barat also holds an enormous potential for development based on the management of its agriculture, plantation, forestry, marine, and fisheries natural resources.


Lampung, Sumsel Outer, Bengkulu Head of Sales Budi Utama Lubis said that, aside from the USO network, XL Axiata has been providing 4G service in all municipalities/ regencies in Lampung since March 2017. XL Axiata network infrastructure in Lampung is now supported by around 2,500 BTS, including 1,900 data BTS (3G and 4G). There are more than 800 thousand customers in Lampung, representing a significant increase compared to the previous year. This shows that the people have great confidence in the improving quality of XL Axiata network in Lampung and its surrounding area. Data usage in Lampung also continues to grow significantly. During Christmas and New Year 2020, data traffic increased by 13% from normal.


XL Axiata continues to expand its data service infrastructure network in Sumatra and nearby islands, in line with the company’s focus to keep driving the growth and development of data service usage among customers. There are more than 24 thousand BTS, including around 18 thousand data BTS (3G and 4G) across Sumatra and surrounding islands, serving more than 150 municipalities/ regencies. XL Axiata customers in Sumatra now constitutes 19% of total customers nation wide, with more than 95% subscribing to data services.


Socialization on data service utilization

At the same time with official start of operation of the USO network, XL Axiata held a socialization and education in the productive utilization of data services for communities in Pesisir Barat. This activity included socializing the use of Laut Nusantara application for local fishermen. Around 50 fishermen took part in the socialization, who are expected to transfer their knowledge to others in their own groups. Using a digital application that helps pinpointing the location of fish at sea is very new to them. XL Axiata will continue socializing the program to regions with fishermen communities in Pesisir Barat Regency.


Furthermore the XL Axiata team also gave education on the utilization of internet digital services for local residents, particularly women and those involved in Micro, Small, and Medium Businesses (UMKM), through the Sisternet education program. The education was attended by 50 participants, including the wives of fishermen and other house wives. Learning material included topics on using the internet as a means of product marketing and a source of information, as well as social media utilization.


For educational purposes, XL Axiata also channeled the Quota Donation Movement (GDK) program to SMA 2 Bangkunat Belimbing High School in Bandar Dalam Village, Pesisir Barat, Lampung. With the internet data quota donation, students and teachers in the school now have access to high-speed internet to support their teaching and learning activities.

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