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XL Axiata Successfully Proves The Increase Of Poultry Production – Sierad Produce Expands Application of flexIoT XL Smart Poultry Solutions

Jakarta, August 5th, 2020. XL Smart Poultry, an Internet of Things (IoT) based solution from PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) has proven to successfully increase the poultry production of PT Sierad Produce Tbk (Sierad Produce). The cooperation between the two parties that have taken place in the past year have also succeeded in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of poultry farm management. As seen from the current results of the evaluation process with Sierad Produce for the implementation of XL Smart Poultry in Banten and West Java, this IoT-based solution has proven to be successful in increasing the Performance Index (IP) above the national average standard. As of now, the two parties are ready to develop wider cooperation in implementing these digital solutions.


Chief Enterprise & SME Officer of XL Axiata, Feby Sallyanto says, "The XL Smart Poultry technology does not only play a role in digitizing cages but can also help as personal assistants for the farmers, with notification and alert features, as well as integration into the broader poultry industry ecosystem. Last year's collaboration with Sierad Produce shows that it was a great opportunity for us at XL Business Solutions to develop solutions based on real situations faced by our clients. Together with Sierad Produce, we will make a major expansion in the implementation of this XL Smart Poultry solution."


Feby also added that the Performance Index is one of the measurement tools used to assess the success of a chicken farm based on the level of the number of live chickens, the weight of the chicken harvest, the age of harvest, and the FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio). IP increase above the national average is an achievement itself, proving that digitalization can improve production performance and crop quality which in turn can increase the profits of chicken farming. These results would be very difficult to achieve while still using the old methods or without applying the XL Smart Poultry solution.


The cooperation development plan that will soon be reached by both parties is the democratization of technology where the XL Smart Poultry solution will expand and extend to all chicken farms across Indonesia, estimated to 70,000 - 80,000 chicken breeders.


According to Feby, XL Smart Poultry is a real form of 4,0 industrial revolution in the poultry industry. By using XL flexIoT, a unified full-stack IoT platform with Telco-Grade standards that provides security, easy integration, and business scale-up. During the past year of collaborating with Sierad Produce, XL Axiata has also continued to develop its’ XL Smart Poultry solution.





Various new innovations continue to be implemented. In the third quarter of 2019, developments have been made such as the use of devices to protect sensors from water ingress during the cleaning process, formulas and algorithms adjustments to follow the latest standards in the poultry industry and adding analytics to analyse feed supply using load cells in the feed hopper.


XL Smart Poultry Benefits


There are at least five advantages that chicken farmers can get by implementing the XL Smart Poultry solution. Farmers can now monitor environmental conditions in real-time, from temperature and humidity to light levels, wind speed, CO2 levels, and ammonia. Breeders may also monitor chicken feedings and results of the chicken growth through the daily ABW (Average Body Weight) indicator or average daily weight. Farmers will also get direct warnings and notifications so they can be more responsive in handling their livestock.


Another benefit of the XL Smart Poultry platform is to help farmers to automate fan operations by adjusting the fan temperature and humidity to reach the prefered daily temperature target in cages. Farmers can also analyse the performance of several existing indicators such as FCR, IP, FE (Feed Efficiency), and Depletion or Mortality Rate through the XL Smart Poultry Dashboard via website or mobile application. Lastly, farmers may also monitor the status of each sensor and carry out the calibration process through the dashboard.


XL Axiata's commitment to IoT developments is shown by the development of the NB-IoT network in over 30 major cities, the development of the flexIoT platform as an IoT Solution Enabler, and the activation of X-Camp as a development center and RnD that brings together industries and Makers. Up to this moment, thousands of companies have been actively utilizing products from XL Business Solutions to grow their businesses.

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