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The Simple Way to Upgrade to 4G USIM for XL and AXIS Customers

Jakarta, 30 December 2022. Who is not familiar with 4G technology? At present, its presence has expanded and is increasingly providing real benefits for its users in encouraging a digital lifestyle such as watching live streaming broadcasts smoothly, downloading and uploading documents without problems and playing video games without lag. The first step that must be taken by XL and AXIS customers to be able to access 4G services is to change their SIM card to USIM.


Group Head Customer Contact Center of XL Axiata, M.Yunus said, "Currently, the average cellular device on the market already supports 4G-based networks. XL Axiata is even preparing to present 5G technology with faster and more stable internet speed and latency for loyal customers. In order for customers to access the 4G network, customers need to use USIM.”


USIM itself stands for Universal Subscriber Identity Mobile where the materials and technology used are developments from previous SIM cards so that they can be used on 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks

Some of the benefits that XL/AXIS customers can experience when switching to 4G technology include:

  1. Faster. Enjoy smoother internet access for browsing, chatting and streaming needs.
  2. Easier. There are many services and promos that customers can get when connected using USIM 4G LTE, the process is fast and there is no change in the identity of the number after upgrading the card.
  3. Wider. Get more optimal network coverage from XL Axiata across Indonesia.


There are two easy ways customers can do to get USIM, namely:

  1. Change the SIM card yourself via OTA (Over The Air), where the process of switching number profiles takes place wirelessly, making it easier and more practical. First, make sure the customer has bought or has a new XL/AXIS card with the “4G” logo. 


How to upgrade to your own XL/AXIS 4G card via OTA:

  • With Old XL/AXIS 3G Card  
  • Dial *123*46# then press 1
  • Replace old card with new XL 4G card


  • With New XL/AXIS 4G Card
  • Dial *123*46# then press 1
  • Restart the smartphone


  1. Change SIM card via XL Center Online at or visit the nearest XL Center / XPLOR.


For XL/AXIS customers who need additional information about the mechanism for changing their card to USIM 4G, they can take advantage of the live chat feature in the myXL application or via Axis customers can live chat on the AxisNet application or via

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