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Promote the Digitization of the Manufacturing Industry XL Axiata Unveiled Smart Manufacturing Solutions
XL Axiata's Smart Manufacture is an IoT innovation aimed at digitalizing assets like machinery, sensors, PLCs, robotics, and motors within the manufacturing industry. The data generated can be captured, transmitted, visualized, and analyzed via a dashboard. This digital solution delivers advantages such as enhanced operational efficiency, heightened value addition, and superior product quality. Naturally, integrating this solution promises to enhance company performance and improve the competitive edge of manufacturing companies.

JAKARTA, May 01, 2024. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata), through XL Axiata Business Solutions (XLABS), introduces digital solutions aimed at accelerating the digital transformation journey within the Indonesian manufacturing industry. These smart manufacturing solutions with Internet of Things (IoT) technology offer benefits such as heightened operational efficiency, increased added value, and enhanced product quality. Naturally, the integration of such solutions will elevate company performance and fortify the competitive stance of manufacturing entities.


Feby Sallyanto, Chief Enterprise Business Officer of XL Axiata, remarked, "The manufacturing sector exhibited very good performance throughout 2023, contributing significantly to Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. Indonesia stands among the top 10 global contributors to manufacturing output, distinguishing itself as the sole ASEAN representative on the list. In line with supporting the Indonesian manufacturing sector's performance, XLABS encourages the implementation of digitalization adoption among industry peers through the introduction of our Smart Manufacturing solution.”


XL Axiata Smart Manufacture offers an IoT-based solution tailored for the digitization of machinery, sensors, PLCs, robotics, and motors within the manufacturing sector. This solution facilitates the capture, transmission via the XL Axiata network, visualization, and in-depth analysis of resulting data through a comprehensive dashboard. According to Feby Sallyanto, previously the hardware used in industrial machines was tightly integrated with software, making it difficult to digitize. However, with standardized protocols across most hardware manufacturers and XL Axiata’s Smart Manufacture solution adept at data capture and processing, XLABS can expedite, secure, and seamlessly integrate digitalization within the manufacturing domain


One such success story is PT Kobelindo Compressors, a manufacturing firm leveraging XL Axiata's Smart Manufacture solution. Kobelindo embarks on its digital journey by utilizing IoT technology to gather, store, and analyze compressor performance data. This real-time data presentation offers users insightful feedback and alerts regarding their machine's operational status. Stored data within the XL Axiata cloud undergoes thorough analysis to devise timely maintenance schedules, thereby optimizing machine performance. As XL Axiata's Smart Manufacturing solution evolves to meet evolving customer demands, it proves instrumental in addressing Kobelindo's requirements, empowering them to enhance their competitiveness in the global market landscape.


Kobelindo holds the exclusive distributor rights for Kobelco brand air compressors in Indonesia. The company offers a wide range of air compressors types, including screw compressors and piston compressors. In addition to its product offerings, Kobelindo also provides after-sales services, such as maintenance, repairs, and spare parts. The company caters a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, mining, and energy sectors.


By implementing XL Axiata Smart Manufacture, Kobelindo gains the capability to swiftly and accurately identify and rectify compressor issues, thus minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. Furthermore, the implementation allows for the optimization of energy and raw material usage, leading to cost savings in production. Kobelindo also experiences improvements in product quality and customer relationships, resulting in increasing customer satisfaction.


For further inquiries, industry stakeholders can reach out to the 24-hour call center at 820 (for XL numbers only) and 021-57959817 (for non-XL numbers), or via live chat:

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