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Prevent Banking Account Hacking Pay Attention to Deactivated Phone Numbers
XL Axiata urges all customers to help maintain the security of their registered mobile numbers linked to banking accounts, thus preventing fraudulent activities and unauthorized access to bank accounts through customer phone numbers.

JAKARTA, MAY 22, 2024. Advancements in digital technology have streamlined banking transactions, allowing customers to link their cellphone numbers to their bank accounts. This integration facilitates seamless digital banking anywhere and anytime, eliminating the hassle to visit a physical bank branch. However, it's crucial for customers to stay vigilant in order to prevent potential unauthorized access to their bank accounts through their cellphone numbers.


M. Yunus, Group Head of Customer Contact Center at XL Axiata, emphasized, "Despite the convenience digital banking offers, users of cellular and banking services must stay alert to prevent financial crimes such as account breaches. To ensure the safety and confidentiality of our customers' banking information, we urge all XL Axiata customers to actively participate in maintaining the security of their registered cellphone numbers linked to their bank accounts. This proactive measure aims to prevent unauthorized access to bank accounts through customer cellphone numbers, including those that have been deactivated.


​​M. Yunus emphasized that unused cellphone numbers, considered forfeited, could serve as entry points for criminals aiming to breach customers' bank accounts. Therefore, he urged customers to promptly close inactive cellphone numbers with both their service providers and banks. Customers should not underestimate the importance of informing their operators and connected banks or online payment services about the closure of unused numbers.


Here are some tips to avoid the risk of banking account breaches via customers' cellphone numbers:


  • Contact the respective bank's customer service and/or online payment platforms to terminate services linked to unused or expired cellphone numbers, ensuring all banking services are deactivated.
  • Never disclose your username, password, PIN, or OTP code in any banking transaction conducted on your cellphone.
  • Avoid accessing banking accounts through public WIFI networks.
  • Remain vigilant as crimes can occur unpredictably and anywhere.


For additional assistance, customers can reach out to the call center at 817 (charged at IDR 500 per call), email [email protected], utilize the Maya chat service through the Live Chat feature on the myXL and AXISNet applications, or visit the website:

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