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XL Axiata - ASKOMPSI Cooperation Distributes 300,000 Free Data Packages for Students In Banten

S erang, September 7th, 2020. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) distributed 300,000 free data packages specifically for students in the Banten province. This program is part of a collaboration between XL Axiata and the Association of the Communication and Information Services for the Provinces of Indonesia (ASKOMPSI) in supporting the implementation of long-distance learning (PJJ) carried out by the government during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The handover of aid was symbolically done by Hendra Dotulong, representative of XL Axiata to the Regional Secretary of Banten Province, Dr. Al Muktabar, M.Sc, witnessed by the Governor of Banten, Dr. H Wahidin Halim, M.Si, Head of Banten Provincial Education Office, Dr. H. M.Yusuf, S.Sos., M.Si and the Head of the Banten Province Communication and Information Agency, Ir. Hj. Eneng Nurcahyati at the Banten Provincial Governor's Office, Serang, Monday morning (7/9).


Governor of Banten, Dr. H Wahidin Halim, M.Si, states, “This free data quota assistance from XL Axiata will greatly help ease the burden on parents. So far, many parents still find it difficult to buy data quotas for their children who participate in the long distance learning (PJJ) process. With this assistance program, followed by government assistance every month, it will be greatly helpful. I look forward to XL Axiata and ASKOMPSI's assistance that will distribute their services to schools in advance, where students really need it.”


In order for PJJ to be carried out well throughout the Banten Province, local government officials have appealed to all parties involved in the distribution of internet data package assistance to these schools. That includes complying with all Covid-19 health protocols by implementing the 3M method, which is using masks, keeping a 1-meter distance, and washing hands. This way, the assistance program can be distributed safely even in the midst of a pandemic.


Furthermore, Eddy Santoso, the Executive Director of the Association of Indonesian Provincial Communication and Information Services said, "We are showing our appreciation to the Governor of Banten who has provided free internet assistance for ASKOMSI Social Service for Education in Banten Province and conveyed that if the need for this assistance is deemed insufficient, ASKOMSI is ready to provide additional accordingly with the request of the Governor. "


Meanwhile, Group Head of XL Axiata for the Jabodetabek and Kalimantan Region, Francky Rinaldo Pakpahan said that XL Axiata management greatly sympathizes with the problems felt by some of the public, including those in Banten, related to the ability to obtain data quotas for PJJ implementation. For this reason, XL Axiata also believes in the urgency of implementing the PJJ, so that our youth can still attend school and continue participating in the teaching and learning process in such critical times. It feels suitable to help ease the burden on the community so that they can get data quotas.


“The long-distance learning process does require a breakthrough, by utilizing internet services and digital technology. However, in doing so, obstacles arise related to the ability of the community to provide smartphone facilities, purchase data quota packages, as well as network or signal quality from operators that have not fully covered every area. With this assistance, we hope to ease the burden on some students and their parents in obtaining data quota for participating in long distance learning." said Francky.


Through the XL Axiata - ASKOMPSI collaboration, free data package assistance for students is simultaneously distributed through 1,000 schools in 28 provinces. The free data quota packages that are distributed can already be used on September 1st, 2020. Thus, each aid package can be immediately used by the recipient students. XL Axiata also collaborate with CSR Forum, Banten province, which chaired by H. Sunaryo SH


The mechanism for distributing this free data quota package to students will be carried out by schools in coordination with the Banten Provincial Education Office. The distribution of this donation will be done by prioritizing underprivileged students who need internet access for online learning activities. The package given is in the form of an AXIS starter pack, which includes a data quota of 30 GB which is obtained when the card is activated, and an additional data quota of 55 GB after the card is registered in the Dapodik system through the school admin, each with a validity period of four months. This quota is excluded from the subsidies for students from the Ministry of Education and Culture.


The data quota received by these students can be used to access a number of applications that are most often used by teachers to send course materials or assignments to students, namely the Microsoft Teams application, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangout, Google Classroom, and WhatsApp. In addition, the data quota can also be used to open applications and websites that provide additional material for learning references, namely Udemy, Ruang Guru, Zenius, Sekolahmu, as well as the Kemendikbud Learning Center website (h  ttps://  Spada  Indonesia  Ministry  of  Education  and Culture ( or

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