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Cooperation of BNI – XL Axiata Offering Cashback up to IDR 200 Thousand with BNI – XL Prioritas Credit Card

Jakarta, 19 December 2023. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through XL PRIORITAS has established a strategic collaboration with PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BNI) to launch the BNI – XL PRIORITAS credit card Co-Branding product for all BNI customers and XL PRIORITAS customers. Through this collaboration, BNI-XL PRIORITAS card holders including XL PRIORITAS customers can enjoy various attractive offers starting with a 20% discount on PRIORITAS bills for up to 5 months and various other attractive offers. Offers can be obtained starting December 19, 2023.


Chief Marketing Officer of XL Axiata, Alfons Bosch Sansa said, "XL Axiata welcomes the strategic collaboration with BNI, this is in line with our focus to continue to improve comfort and provide more benefits to loyal XL PRIORITAS customers and also the Indonesian people. With the increasing digitalization of the financial services industry, which is also supported by the increasing number of customers using digital channels to banks, telecommunications companies have the right position as a bridge to facilitate the provision of financial services through their network infrastructure, including XL Axiata of course, so that all customers of XL PRIORITAS and BNI will be able to enjoy easy transactions wherever they are."


SEVP Retail Digital Solutions of BNI, Rian Eriana Kaslan said that XL has a network of 93 XL Centers and more than 130 thousand Retail Outlets spread across various cities in Indonesia. The company also warmly welcomes the launch of the BNI - XL PRIORITAS Credit Card to provide better benefits and experiences for our customers and all XL customers. "This is also one of our achievements in collaborating with telecommunications service providers," said Putrama.


On that occasion, Visa Indonesia President Director Riko Abdurrahman expressed his support for this collaboration. "Congratulations on the launch of the BNI-XL PRIORITAS Credit Card. Visa is proud to facilitate this very attractive offer from these two partners, which can expand financial inclusion in the community,” said Riko. According to him, with this collaboration, BNI-XL PRIORITAS Cardholders can enjoy shopping on a network of more than 100 million Visa merchants in more than 200 countries and regions. Customers can also pay by tap to pay safely, quickly, and comfortably, which is the leading payment method currently in various parts of the world.


Through this strategic collaboration, customers of BNI and XL PRIORITAS who apply for a BNI – XL PRIORITAS credit card will be able to enjoy various attractive offers such as:

  1. Cashback of IDR 200 thousand by accumulating a minimum transaction worth IDR 2 million within 1 month after the card application is approved.
  2. Cashback of 100% up to IDR 500 thousand in the first 1 month for the bill payment of XL PRIORITAS according to the bill, and get a bonus up to triple of BNI Rewards Point.


Customers who want to get a BNI – XL PRIORITAS credit card can get it by applying digitally via


Apart from the benefits above, XL PRIORITAS customers and BNI - XL PRIORITAS Credit Card holders will get a welcome bonus in the form of PRIO Flex credit of 200 thousand and additional internet quota of up to 15GB for 12 months. New XL PRIORITAS customers will have the opportunity to get a beautiful number worth up to IDR 5 million and new XL PRIORITAS users will get a 20% discount on monthly bills for 5 months up to IDR 500 thousand. Meanwhile, loyal XL PRIORITAS customers who have subscribed for more than 6 months and BNI - XL PRIORITAS credit card holders, will get the opportunity of upsell offer with discounts of up to 30% for 6 months.

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